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Anarchy Commits Suicide

After reading Greg Koukl’s book Tactics, kindly sent by Neil, I’ve been listening to arguments looking for fallacies and inconsistencies which would prove the arguments false or unsustainable.

A New York-based sketch comedy group, Whitest Kids You Know, made this video which shows, humorously, the failure of Anarchist philosophy when brought face to face with human nature and need.


“I’m Too Pro-Science…”

“…to be Pro-Choice.”

Neil highlighted this fact in his article on why it is abortion supporters who are the ones still stuck in the middle ages of scientific ignorance.

It is an incontrovertible fact that life begins at conception and those who say otherwise are either deceiving or deceived.

And then John posted this video which uses humor and passion to reveal the moral depravity of the abortion industry.

Great Lines: April 18 2008

Neil gets around. A lot.

There have been at least two cases this week where I’ve found some new blog or something outside my regular reading and there in the comments was Neil, arguing with lucidity and alacrity for truth in whichever topic was being discussed.

Truly an amazing man… being from the greatest state in America has it’s benefits.

But one comment in particular stood out to me this week, or today.

On the Forbes.com blog Digital Rules, Rich Karlgaard wrote regarding freedom of thought in academia and science, specifically in context of the issue of Evolution and alternative theories and the newly released documentary/movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

To be a skeptic of Darwinism today is indeed costly. You will be publicly ridiculed. You will be called stupid, ignorant, bigoted, irrational and unenlightened. You will be compared with Neanderthals and flat-earthers. You could easily limit your career if you work in academia or science.

He ended his post with a query:

What do you think? Do advocates of intelligent design have a case? Is Darwinism flawed and are its proponents trying to silence the debate?

Neil concluded his reasoned response:

We have lots of evidence for the existence of God – cosmological (“first cause”), teleological (design), morality, logic, the physical resurrection of Jesus, etc. If atheists don’t find that compelling, then so be it. I’m on the Great Commission, not the paid commission. But to insist that we have no evidence is uncharitable in the extreme and makes reasoned dialogue impossible.