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Health for Pregnancy and Young Children

This is post is in response to Matt’s previous post inquiring about child rearing, etc. I was just going to make a comment but it was getting a little long in the tooth so I figured I would make a new post. This is hardly comprehensive but it is a good start about prenatal health which will give the child the best start possible – because the child’s life starts in the womb.

For Pregnancy: Ensure Grace is getting plenty of good food and vitamins (not all are created equally) and drinking filtered water (our water here in CA has way to much Chlorine). 1st Trimester: Vitamin C, Vitamin B (Complex w/ Niacin) are particularly important for the nervous system development. 2nd Trimester: Includes Calcium/ Magnesium and Iron supplement for the skeleton and vascular system development. 3rd Trimester: An increase in diet of meats (which has creatine and many essential amino acids) and eggs for increase of baby body mass. Furthermore, Grace should do light exercise like walking and swimming and drink plenty of water which helps transport the nutrients.

Also I would recommend products (mostly milk and eggs) without hormones or the organic milk which is not only much tastier but it has more nutrients. Also buy products withOUT high-fructose corn syrup, trans-fats and low sodium (we get plenty as it is). Lastly make sure she gets all the sleep needed. Whatever you’re body is going through the baby is going through also; so obviously coffee and alcohol are out of the question.

After child-birth I think the following is a good strategy for the continued development of the baby which are very important for the first five years (opinions differ about years of important development but this seems to be the common agreement for children).

-Breast feed for a year.
-Greatly limit the refined sugars.
-Get formula that is fortified with vitamins and such.
-Salmon oils and vitamin B are very important for brain development and can be put into formula. There is a reason why they look like Bobble-Heads.
-Keep them on a regular sleeping schedule.
-Always be suspicious if your doctor wants to give your child any drug.

Of course doctor appointments are very important and ask them about nutrition – but don’t expect much help. In my experience they are all drug peddlers; hopefully you can have more help from your doctor.

I know there are some good books out there, Savage actually has one specifically about children’s nutritional health and I would recommend getting it; and some good sites. I know you’ll be looking heavily into it. In my opinion this is a good start.

From my personal opinion about parenting:

-They WILL be their own person and it is your responsibility (as God does for us) to help direct their path. So address them in their own way with them realizing they are still a part of the family.
-Your children WILL reveal your imperfections and use them against you; so be always mindful of your short comings. Humility is word.
-Be dependable in your blessings to them and your corrections of them.
-Your marriage is the foundation, so don’t forsake it because you’re children need it as much as you two. Do little things for each other, go on dates, etc.
-You get respect and love when you are respectable and lovable; so make sure you look at yourself and your marriage and do your best to make them so.

So I guess most of my recommendations for parenting entail the marriage because I see them as the core problem for many parents.

Why I’m An Independent

I will grant – to the point – I voted for McCain/ Palin, but honestly what choices did I have this election as a conservative? Truly I was rooting for Palin who is a real conservative; in contrast to McCain who has a moderate/ Rhino history – working with Kennedy doesn’t get him marks in my book. But the socialist Obasmic Democratic “elect” is out of the question. I’ll grant it is great to have an African American as our President; but that is as far as I will go. Now the Republican party is cannibalizing itself.

If you were listening to Rush Limbaugh today you’d heard how the Republican party threw Palin under the bus – for why they lost the election by a landslide. Of course it had nothing(!) to do with McCain’s lack of allegiance to the conservative movement, nor his inability to tag Obama as a CLEAR socialist (merely hinting via Joe the Plumber), and him not having a clear distinction from Bush. “My fellow Americans,” and “My friends” will only give you so much encouragement in this economy. If you ask me McCain should have followed after Palin – she should’ve been the lead of the ticket. Granted even then she would’ve not won because the Bush party set the Republican party up for failure, but she would’ve done better than 155 electoral votes – last I remember. Point being the Republican party is tossing this beautiful woman under the bus. This is why I’m an Independent and have little hope in BOTH parties which are, for a lack of better words, screwing us.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, it is worse than I thought. It is worse than I thought inside the Republican Party. What the Republican Party, led by disgruntled and failed McCain staffers are trying to do to Sarah Palin, is unconscionable and is unacceptable.


If you ask me the Republican party is treating her like a cheap date – humped and dumped!

Read the rest of the story and ask yourself if you want to reform the party, which has become more and more like the Democratic party, or be more like another party – a separatist. Michael Savage has been saying this for the longest time – both sides are against the American values – and FINALLY maybe you’ll see this truth; while both Rush and Hannity have been carrying the Republican water bucket and drinking the red cool-aid. I’m not insulting Rush or Hannity (I listen to them regularly) but we – the next generation of voters – need to consider our future. Changes are needed, NEEDED!

So I’m an independent. Once you come to this realization, in honor of American history (ie Pilgrims and Puritans), we may then be able to talk about what to do.

It’s About Sticking It To The Man

Voting for Obama, for many black people, is about sticking it “To The Man,” – whether they know it or not. Other than the color of the skin, Obama is simply popular among his ethnicity because he is a socialist and black culture is heavily influenced by this belief system – take from those who are capable and have, and give to those who are not and have not. Much of this aligns with the black culture which believes they are still regularly discriminated against by the white man in high places from businesses. So if the government can be turned into a tool to take from the rich, they will vote for people to do so; and the socialist Democratic party is more than willing to use these votes to their advantage. This partially explains why, even though it was the Republican party which freed the slaves, that the Democratic party gets the largest percentage of votes from the black community.

Obama in a radio interview in the early 2000s stated he believes the Civil Rights movement of the 60s didn’t go far enough because he believes there wasn’t enough “distribution….change.” LINK. He’s also went onto say the founding fathers did not do enough with the constitution because it doesn’t say what the government is to do for us LINK So this IS the change of which Obama wants to bring to America. I can understand why people with entitlement mentalities would vote for him, however, what really concerns me is the average American who is okay with paying more in taxes directly, or indirectly via the products of companies which pay, now, higher taxes. With this passive, boiling-frog mentality, before they know it they or their grandchildren will be in the cross hairs of the government.

As an Independent I have some serious issues with the Republican party, but the vote is between an American socialist (John McCain) and a European socialist (Obama); and the reason my founding fathers came to America was to NOT be like Europe and be our own nation. I hope my generation, which by many polls is more conservative, can steer this great nation back on course.

This is going to be an interesting election and next four years.

Palin Brings Out The Media’s True Colors

In short I believe America has a real political race on their hands now that McCain chose Palin as his VP. He could not have surprised both sides of the political spectrum more! The old man even trumped Obama on this one, who has for his VP an old white man; we see now the true depths of the change Obama is talking about. This upset, for some, can’t be seen any better than in the media!!! Their true colors are showing and they can’t help themselves. The same people who cry for women’s’ rights, women power, breaking the glass ceiling and so forth are now foaming at the mouth with anger at Palin. One good example of this is in my daily newspaper. Up until today’s paper their opinion section attempted to be “fair and balanced” with opinions from people who support the war to people who support higher taxes, etc. Even their columnists attempted to be more open minded and criticize the Democratic Party. Oh no, not today though. Every single inch of the opinion section is covered with why Palin doesn’t have enough experience, or how she ripped Obama/Biden a new one with her speech at the RNC. I should have figured this because on Friday morning Rush couldn’t be giddier than a little child with five pounds of candy.

What must be the most frustrating part for the Democrats is they have NO idea how to attack her and are grasping at straws right now. If they had a candidate anything like her, for their side, it wouldn’t matter where she was from, how many affairs she had, or lack of foreign policy. Palin was the major and is the governor; she is a mother of five (one of which is special needs); with a husband who is a stay at home dad (is that not progressive?); she is obviously a pretty woman; a good straight shoot’n talker; and to top it off she can hunt. What she brings to the table of politics, more than anything, is CHARACTER, something Washington has been missing for a very long time. This is what has the media and Dem party up in arms; and it will be this very thing which gets McCain/Palin the White House, as the sheeple see the stark bias of the media.

I realize she has only been on one proverbial date with America and we’re all still getting to know her but her presents is refreshing in contrast to all political running’s that I can think of. This also makes me see McCain is a different light because for the longest time he has been a Republican in name only in many regards. However, in standing his ground in a clear manner on issues such as gay marriage and abortion; looking over this voting records of yes and no; his service to America; and now his choice of a strong woman as VP, he has me looking at him with more respect. As a man who is married to a strong woman – one who holds you accountable – I can say McCain must have the character to handle Palin’s strong opinions and I like him more for it.

CA Homeschool Ruling News

The president of the Pacific Justice Institute says Friday’s decision from a state appellate court that found California permits home schooling should withstand future legal challenges.

Friday’s 3-to-0 decision from the Second District Court of Appeal reversed a never-enforced ruling in February that severely restricted home schooling in the state. The February ruling said parents must have a teaching credential to home school their children.