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There are no subjects off-limits here, so long as the discussion has purpose.

While I, Pandora is written primarily from a traditionally conservative (classically liberal) perspective, other writers may contribute to I, Pandora for long or short durations as guests or co-bloggers and will serve to broaden the perspective of I, Pandora. I may or may not agree with the beliefs or conclusions of these co-bloggers, but their ideas and thoughts have merit and their perspectives deserve to be aired. Each of these co-bloggers may decide on the level of identity they present here, but I will not allow writers unless I can vouch for their personal identity and credentials. As you read and before you comment, check the author of the post to avoid confusion or misrepresentation.


I’m a 30-something guy who loves life and all it’s curve balls. My interests are God, People, Music, and Computers. I grew up on the West Coast in California, and no I’ve never surfed. There’s a lot more to California than its beaches, though those are quite beautiful.

After spending time in Chicago, where I met my wife and started our family, we now live in north-central Oklahoma, in a very small town.

Co-Bloggers on I, Pandora

  • JPennStar
  • twistedlogic
  • Paul is a student at Hillsdale College. Paul interned summer 2007 at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation in Washington State. Political philosophy and economic theory are two of his favorite topics.
  • American Texan
  • ShatteredChina is a student in North Florida, Mission Group Coordinator at an inner city ministry in Jacksonville, a Semester Missionary with the North American Mission Board, and friend of night owls, ShatteredChina is always busy. However, ShatteredChina does have a single purpose and desire, to serve the Lord and glorify Him. Christian conservative by background and open to new concepts and ideas, provided they are logical, reasonable, and well tested, ShatteredChina’s interests include Kingdom based Christianity, growth based friendships, conservative based politics, experimental Biology, and freakin’ awesome paintball!
  • Tomorrow’s Thinker considers himself an “enlightened casual scholar”. While he differs from the other authors on I, Pandora in several significant core beliefs, his wide ranging background and thoughtful and erudite manner give him a clarity of observation I’ve come to greatly respect. Tomorrow’s Thinker’s interests are as broad as any of the rest of us here on I, Pandora, and he will also be the primary author on a new section of I, Pandora: a Question and Answer section called “Let’s Look Into That” where he’ll address questions from readers in his own inimitable style.

Equanimity is a virtue, tolerance of the obscene is not