The Beneficent Free Market: Answering Questions

Barb posted a letter written to a grandson explaining and illustrating the principles of the free market and the benefits of that system over systems more concerned with equality of outcome rather than equality of potential. She got the original article from the Free Market Foundation of South Africa. More people need to read and […]

Unchecked Free Market Problems

Gary A writes article on the investing opinion site claiming that while limited government sounds good, it’s not a reasonable policy if the goal is market stability: I support the free market but unlike them I don’t trust the free market. I don’t think that having just capitalists in charge of the free market […]

Flying Pigs: Free Market Breaks Through In LA Schools

The San Francisco Chronicle posted an article today regarding a rather stunning happening in the LA School Board. Liberal Democrat, former teacher’s union organizer, and current Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa was the driving force behind a policy just handed down which stipulates that almost a third of the public schools in LA must […]

Walmart And The Healthy Free Market

In case you had trouble guessing: I like businesses. If there weren’t business there wouldn’t be internet, iphones, cars, bicycles, buildings, tents, sleeping bags, fresh produce in the middle of winter, heat and A/C, in cars too, hospitals, medication, surgery… You get the picture. We’ve had government since the beginning of time, and it hasn’t […]

Chipotle And The Beneficent Free Market

This is a slight commentary on Chipotle (the restaurant chain) and how it symbolizes the significant superiority of the free market economy and accompanying extreme wealth and their many benefits to the world at large. Have you eaten at Chipotle? If not, you should. It’s not really Mexican food, per se. It’s more like Starbucks […]