Epic Fail: Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Investors Business Daily reports the institute created by California Proposition 71 to research medical applications of Embryonic Stem Cells has quietly begun shifting it’s research focus to Adult Stem Cells. Quick rehash: Embryonic Stem Cells are the result of abortions, the designer baby process, in vitro fertilization, and other procedures of a morally ambiguous to […]

Adult Stem Cells: Thousands, Embryonic Stem Cells: 0

Image by Getty Images via @daylife In case you didn’t know: adult stem cells have been used for years to successfully treat a wide range of conditions successfully. Private companies have seen the success and have poured large amounts of money into programs exploring the benefits of stem cells derived from adult adipose (fat) tissue, […]

Repost: Adult Stem Cells FTW

Image via Wikipedia This is a repost in light of the recent news that the news media finally picked up on the fact that adult stem cells are cutting the butter and embryonic stem cells are still only a load of hype… er, tripe. Anyway, here’s what we knew 3 years ago: In case you […]

Media: Can’t Be Bothered By Facts

Image by Getty Images via @daylife When reporting a story, context is everything. When making a statement, context is everything. When communicating, it is important to include context in your communication if you really want to be understood. There are two reasons context is left out of communication: ignorance or underhandedness. Ignorant context-dropping results in […]

Stem Cells: Loads Of Wool, Lots Of Eyes

It’s all across the newswires: The Great Messiah Steps Into Our Small, Mostly Vicarious, Lives And Allows Federal Funding Of Stem Cell Research! Well, tie me to a pole until the Jackanapes come home and lick my toes until I die imagining Caravaggio! I’d’ve never thought such a thing could occur. At least the ABC […]