“Come for the economics, stay for the social engineering.” – Rejected but accurate slogans for the EU.

There are things more important, more valuable than economics, and Britains exit from the EU (ie, #Brexit) is proof of that.

Yes, the British Pound is far from the admiration of the world today, but they have their Pound today, and it is once again to be theirs alone.

In the same way that the healthiest and most interdependent society is one with a high proportion of independent people within it, a healthy league of nations is one wherein most of the nations are healthy themselves, by themselves.

Incidentally, the very principle of a league of nations is a capitalistic one, as the primary purpose of any such league is to allow nations to specialize in their particular talents and ease the means by which others can benefit from their products by trading their own.

The EU is an alpha-bureaucracy.  As with any other bureaucracy, it centralizes power to itself, and in so doing demands a weakening of each of its member’s national identities. As more and more of the nations in the EU faltered and ended up throwing themselves upon the mercy of that bureaucracy, the bureaucrats were only to happy to take more power to “fix” the situation, inevitably and in each case providing band-aids and hand-outs that fell short of requiring the sort of wholesale change any sane person could clearly see was needed to actually resolve the systemic issues causing these nations to flop in the first place.

As the weak gave up, even the strong, to continue in membership, had to weaken themselves as well, giving more power to the center.

The UK has a hard road ahead, but that is not because of the leap they made, it is because they’ve only just awoken mid-fall. The trouble was the years past, the decades of volunteering their autonomy and authority because the bureaucrats promised it was the price of peace.

Since when have bureaucrats been right?

And no, Trump isn’t the same thing at all. Trump is the result of a cancer that had eaten the heart out of conservativism. Yes, the cancer was caused by the pack-a-day habit of the elite forever promising and just as surely giving us the back of their hand when we called upon them to keep their word, but that cancer has metastasized, and now we are stuck with a gilded liberal toad who has convinced a huge number he is the best chance of their own rainbow road and unicorn to ride upon it.

Trump is failure.

Brexit is the first step of the future.

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