Burn It Down

Burn it all down,
burn it down to the ground.
Then gather round,
and dance around the mound.

Today a lying, cheating, philandering, pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, anti-Constitution, anti-1st and 2nd Amendment, pro-government crony capitalist virtually secured the Republican Presidential primary, and the best hope to stop him said he couldn’t in good conscience continue.


A key component of #NeverTrump is the word “never”, as in:

I will never, under any circumstances, against any competitor, for any reason, support in any way the lying, cheating, philandering, ignorant and stinking mass of a man, Donald Trump.

That does not mean I will vote for Hillary or Bernie. It does mean I will not vote for Trump.

And the Republican party? It has made this bed, and it shall sleep in it.

Trump will probably lose, and he will not lose because of me or because of others who will #NeverTrump. Trump will lose because he is so unfit for service that he makes even the otherwise supremely unfit Hillary Clinton seem fit by comparison.

This isn’t a hissy fit, this is a cold calculation resulting from observing the publicly accessible facts regarding the recorded words and actions of a man who is a Democrat, a leftist Democrat, and a leftist Democrat without soundness of mind or consistency of morals at that, who ran for and appears to have secured the support of a sufficient portion of those who call themselves Republican and probably consider themselves Christian and conservative also.

Donald isn’t a mystery; he is a nearly entirely known quantity. Believing a politician’s words in the face of contradictory facts from that candidate’s history is what many of us cautioned Democrats about for the last decade, and yet here we face our very own Hope ‘n Change.

Trump isn’t hope. Trump isn’t change. Trump is glowing but unintelligible words strung over a wobbly and soon to be discarded mask, and buyers remorse will be painful for this one because you should have known better. You’ve been laughing at Democrat’s buyers remorse for the better part of a decade.

The Republican party apparatus, its ancillaries and hangers on, the blowhards in “conservative” media who showed themselves to be penny-hunger fools, the “establishment” who got both their man and their worst nightmare: these all are dead to me. They would not listen and so they chose the path of hardship. They are the addict that must reach rock bottom and keep digging until their fingers are bloody stumps because they cannot and will not give up their addiction despite the cries and wisdom of their friends and family.

I will not go along for the party. I will support those candidates and those ideas which are best for the country. They called Cruz Lucifer and Trump their golf buddy. They called on Cruz to kneel and apologize when they were the liars and he the truth-teller. They have received what they wanted, and now they will suffer for it, not by my making them suffer, but as an inevitable result of their own failings which we warned them about, but they continued on in desperate pursuit of their own continuing power.

I’m sorry. This will hurt. This will hurt badly. People will hurt.


Good news! The President is but one person. One very powerful person, but still only one person. There are many other people who are seeking to do the correct and right thing in many other places, and enough of these people can stymie and stop much of the damage that will be done by a despot in the White House.

States can be made strong by strong legislatures and strong governors. The conservatives in the US have a recent track record filled will success on this front, and we can continue this. A criminal in the White House will not stop this.

Congress can be filled with people like Cruz and Lee and Amash and others who have stood against the corruption and debauchery.

We are still graced with a government that is ours. Ours, sadly, reflects the general idiocy of the populace, but it does not have to be that way. We’d held our noses and lived through the last 8 or 12 years, and we can keep on. Clean house. Take victories when and where we can.

#NeverTrump does not mean giving up. It just means we have more work to do.

Headline image credit DonkeyHotey.

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