David Versus Cantor: The Battle Is Already Won

Regardless of how good a representative Dave Brat becomes, regardless of what policies he champions and whether he does right by his constituents or wrong, regardless of whether he becomes yet another jaded and cynical beltway blowhard or retains his purpose and resolve and stays the course; what he has accomplished already is the most important thing.

By beating a sitting House Majority Leader, an entrenched and out of touch member of the beltway elite, a representative who had lost contact with his district, and a favorite of the Republican establishment, economics professor Dave Brat has shown nothing is out of reach.

The Republican leadership will definitely consider this a fluke, ignore the warnings, and continue on as they have, fighting for the big guy instead of championing our ever-shrinking freedoms. That much is a given and it will take several more similar upsets before they get the message.

But, we the people see blood in the water. We see leaders who don’t listen to those who elected them, we see fat cats and scalawags, K street bunglers and capital hill cronies, we see them all weak and vulnerable.

Listen up all the rest of the Boehners and Cochrans and Roberts out there: we see no reason we cannot do to you what was done to Cantor. You have long outlived your usefulness in Congress. Like old, decrepit horses, it is long past time to put you out to pasture.

That goes for you too, GOP.

Nothing is sacred. Nothing is safe. Dave Brat saw to that.

2 thoughts on “David Versus Cantor: The Battle Is Already Won”

  1. Unfortunately, the wrong message has been sent to Hispanics with the election of yet another Republican who won’t say yes to anything regarding immigration. Eric wasn’t wasp enough, and he expressed some compassion for the American raised children of undocumented persons.

    Hispanics would vote 60/40 in favor of Republicans, if they’d just push the immigration bill aside. Hispanics are booming in population and are the future of our electorate. Driving them away only dooms the Republicans to third party status, for years and possibly decades.

  2. You are wrong Chris. Cantor was not pro-illegal immigration because he has a soft spot for illegal immigrants. He wants another amnesty bill because it promotes illegal immigration and provides his Goldman Sachs buddies with the cheap labor they need. The Democrats want another amnesty bill because it will provide them with more voters. The American people would like a bill introduced that would provide better border security so that the immigrants who migrate here can do so legally instead of jumping the fence. Hear that? A Border Security Bill period. Not a pretend border security bill connected to another amnesty bill, just a Border Security Bill.

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