Christians Getting Upset About All The Wrong Things

Brian Brown at writes this about Disney, animated movies, and Christian outrage:

tumblr_mxz58i1eWi1qhiczbo1_1280(A)s a Millennial who grew up on (Disney animated) movies, I think our parents got upset about most of the wrong things and utterly missed the most fundamental way Disney was shaping their kids. While Mom and Dad were worrying about overt things that were realistic (Ariel dressing like a mermaid, a Native American revering nature) or a normal part of fairy tales (magic), Disney was installing a value system into us that was apparently too subtle for them to notice.

Nearly every Disney animated film for decades taught us the same core moral principle (…)“following your heart is always the right thing to do.”

Thankfully, my parents didn’t get too far into that. We had our own issues, but there was a pragmatism about the world as they were more interested in preparing us to deal with it than they were in keeping us unspotted from it.

But I’ve seen these moralists. Friends, neighbors, people in church, they were very common, and this article lays the problem down clearly: Christians too often become too hung up on the visible issues of something, and too often entirely neglect the real problems, the problems deep down, at the heart.


The writer further explains:

(T)his is part of an even longer and broader tradition of caring a great deal more about a total absence of bad things in a movie than the presence of good things, which is partly why the Christian films we’re all “supposed” to go see are almost universally clean, safe, and horrible.

elsa-and-anna-disney-s-frozen-lifesize-standup-poster-lifesize-standup-posterQuelle surprise!

One thing I’ve appreciated about some of the more recent attempts a “Christian” film making is that they recognize that any story worth its salt needs conflict, that God is no stranger to conflict and is more than capable of dealing with it, and that we Christians have the best answer to conflict found anywhere. A real story that deals with real issues with honesty and integrity is more “Christian” than a thousand Hallmark Holiday Classics.

Anyway, go and read the whole thing: