Governor Jindal Cancels Thieve’s Benefit Cards

Remember this?

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal does and he’s ordered that those who participated in the fraud should have their benefits cards canceled for a year, the standard first-time fraud discipline period.

There is a process to appeal this ruling if individual SNAP recipients do not feel they deserve the punishment, which is good. Each case can and will be looked at to verify guilt.

Walmart-food-stamps-frenzy-caused-by-printing-glitchThis is a very good thing and more than I could have hoped for when I first heard of this mass theft. Do I hate people who need benefits like this? Do I have their children? No, not at all. But there are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • These are benefits, not wages. Those who receive them do not deserve them, are not owed anything to begin with, and receive them only at the charity and goodness of those who give them (leaving out the issues of taxation and wealth-redistribution/theft).
  • Those who participated in this fraud have shown they do not value the hard work of others necessary to make these benefits available to them. This includes the tax payers whose money is taken to pay for the programs, and the government and charity agencies which get the benefit cards to the people who have them.
  • The immoral actions of the adults who chose to act in a lawless manner and commit theft and fraud are the issue. It is those adults who hate their children, who did not consider what their real needs were, who thought only of what they could get and take and have for themselves without paying, even though they weren’t paying for anything on their cards before.

From the article:

As always, it’s the children who will really pay the price for the irresponsible actions of their parents. Through greed, dishonesty, and an entitlement mentality, these folks have just created their own SHTF event.

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