With All Obama’s Attention, You’d Think The Economy Would Be Doing Better By Now

obama-fail1For the 21st time according to some, President Obama is pivoting his focus to the economy. Somehow that just seems like a poor leadership method to me.

Yes, in times of national emergency, a President must focus on certain things to the detriment of others, but there are two facts that we must consider in this context:

  1. A good leader will delegate so that things he does not have the time or skills to accomplish himself will not suffer for lack of his attention.
  2. This isn’t really a national emergency, considering our economy has been in the doldrums now for 5+ years.

obama_confused2Our Dear Leader is apparently very single-minded. He focuses on golf, then on vacations, then on his daughter’s vacations, then on his wife’s vacations, then on getting his wife’s partners sweetheart deals and contracts, then on the economy, then on not seeing Benghazi, then on not knowing about Fast and Furious gun running, then on local crime issues, then on golf, then on vacations.

He fails to delegate, or he is incapable of delegating, or he hasn’t yet found someone smarter than he is in any of the issues he’s not dealing with, or he’s just inept. Some like to think he’s a socialist mastermind who has planned to do things this way all along, who has lined all the players up like dominoes and will tap them at the opportune time to bring in his own utopia. I don’t think this is true. I believe a more plausible explanation is that he is a narcissist who is convinced of his own absolute superiority in all things and who is incapable of recognizing his own inability nor others ability. However, I also believe he is as capable of accomplishing through incompetence and ineptitude what others ascribe him Machiavellian powers to complete.

7118634629_9f97f149aeIt comes down to this: Obama keeps throwing some new program (they all look and sound the same: Quantitative Easing, or robbing everybody but the government) at the economy hoping it’ll start operating according to his ignorant ideas of economics and usher in the command markets of his dreams, and they’ll never work.

The 30th time he pivots to the economy will be no more successful than the 1st, or 2nd, or 4th Summer of Recovery, and really that’s OK.

We’re not hurting too badly. The economy is messed up because there are too many fingers muddling around in it, but it’s not dead. Economies never really die, they just stagnate and go dormant. With the right jump starts, namely removing government’s fingers from the pie as much as possible and rebuilding the basic and thin legal frameworks of property protection and personal responsibility we’ll get it right back in gear and it’ll start ticking along as it always has.

So, a few more years of tight times while we put up with Our Dear Incompetent’s muddlesome meddling, or was that his meddlesome muddling, and we’ll just get back up on our feet, dust ourselves off, and get right back to the business of producing.

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