A Soft Answer

Angry driverA soft answer turns away wrath, says the proverb, but how hard can it be to get a soft answer to the wrathful one in our culture? In a drive through lane one lady encountered wrath and found a way to return a soft answer and spoke love and care and empathy into the day of another lady who desperately needed it.

Thinking I was trying to snag her spot of next up, she gunned her Suburban, rolled down the window, and let out a string of expletives that made me blush. Millie barked back a retort.

“Go ahead, please,” I said. “I wasn’t sure who was first.” I pulled Millie back onto my lap, so she could see I had been dog-distracted and truly didn’t know who was next.

She didn’t buy it. She continued with the name calling without taking a breath. I won’t write them down here, but the main mantra shared initials with the number one social networking site.

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