It’s A Matter Of Perspective

When two rights collide, the greater right receives deference.

In the case of abortion the two rights are the reproductive freedom of the mother, and the life of the child. Life is full of these situations, and in many cases our perspective gives us views on which right is greater which may be different than those of our friends, neighbors, and others around us. For instance, someone in favor of abortion is also likely to be in favor of enhanced punishment for a murderer when their actions result in the death of the victim’s wanted but unborn child. It’s a matter of perspective that allows them to determine the child has a right to live when they are murdered along with their mother, but to deny them that right when the mother does not want the child.

What about guns?

People in favor of gun rights agree that great steps ought to be taken to curtail the violence in our culture. Nobody denies that we have a problem and that problem must be addressed. However, we do differ, based on perspective, on what the solution to the problem entails. We do not compare our right to possess firearms with the right of the many innocents slaughtered by madmen and say that our right to bear arms trumps the victims right to live. No, what we say is that allowing law abiding people to possess the physical and legal means of protecting ourselves and those around us would result not in those rights colliding, but coexisting in a mutually beneficial way.

Perspective does not exist in a moral vacuum or outside the realm of facts and figures. Rationalizing murder as acceptable when the child is “unwanted” still runs counter to any moral argument and does not follow either facts or science. And the facts and science regarding whether increased gun ownership causes crimes rates to rise or fall is likewise well explored and any honest interpretation of the facts will find that allowing law abiding citizens to possess weapons relatively free of government encumbrance results in lowered crime rates.
It’s a matter of perspective, and a matter of right and wrong.

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