Someday We’ll Look Back

Barack Obama "Hope" poster, original...
Barack Obama “Hope” poster, originally by Shepard Fairey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someday we’ll look back at ourselves today and shake our heads ruefully. We’ll think of how we put our hope and trust in a man, a man who only promised change. A man who promised only change and hoped we’d hope in him.

We’ll look back and shake our heads. How silly of us to put our hope in a man. A man is and can only ever be a man. That man is universally imperfect is a solid and irrefutable fact, and one who puts their hope in a man, who puts their hope in a man who promises nothing more substantive than change, is the silliest man of all.

Yet, for all those of us who will remember the halcyon days of our youthful idiocy, there are man who still do put their trust in the man of change, a second time, even. This goes beyond silliness, this is a destructive tendency which appears to be rooted primarily in the need to be right, to be justified in ones choices and actions, to never have to say “I was wrong”.

To err is human. To err repeatedly expecting a different outcome is insane.

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