Breaking: Government Issuing $3300 Checks To Every American

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Welfare spending in 2011 topped $1.03 trillion. That’s $1,030,000,000,000.

To put it another way, divide that astronomical amount by the number of  people in the US (Google says it’s 311,591,917 as of this writing), and you get $3,305 per American.

If you think 108 million Americans are very much interested in keeping their handouts coming strong, that’s $9,537 for each and every one of them in 2011.

Just to be clear, this number does NOT include any of the following budget items:

  • Social Security (adds another $725 billion)
  • Medicare (adds another $480 billion)
  • health care for veterans without service-connected disabilities
  • veterans pension programs

From the Daily Caller (via the Daily Caller)

Update: 47% is those who pay no income tax, not those who receive welfare. Welfare recipients were around 108 million in 2011. Edited article to reflect.

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