Dear Mr. President: You Have Failed


Dear Mr. President: you have failed.

Your attempts at “softer” foreign policy have failed. You have been soft to those who genuinely seek to harm us, and cold to those who have been and would be our friends and allies.

You have not loved freedom here at home. Once you heard the siren song of power, you have lusted for it as any other and have signed laws and exercised authority that cements power at the expense of liberty.

You have been petty, small and selfishly ungracious. Where you should have been gracious and thoughtful, you instead gave an iPod full of your own speeches to the leader of our oldest and dearest ally.

You have been distracted and wasteful. While leaders of all the nations came together and gave you ample opportunity for important meetings and negotiations at this increasingly critical time in world relations, you went off to be “eye candy” on a daytime TV talk show. You have spent more time on golf courses than with your economic advisors and have spent more of our money ferrying your family to exotic locales for frequent vacations than would be reasonable given the belt-tightening most of us your employers have had to do lately.

You have failed. And because you have failed it is time for us to do our duty and send you back home.

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