Dear Vinny, Welcome To My World

English: Scott Walker on February 18, 2011
English: Scott Walker on February 18, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Crying Mike” (or was that “Vinny”) gives a heart wrenching argument why Scott Walker should have lost the recall election. It boils down to the fact that Vinny worked too hard to have his guy lose. His guy being, of course, Tom Barrett.

Well Vinny, or Mike, I’ve got news for you: Welcome to my world.

Growing up in California and spending several years in the Chicago area all accustomed me to political disappointments, repeatedly and regularly.

I’ve worked for campaigns, involved non-profits, and as a private individual in many elections and on many issues. I’ve spoken before city councils, written letters to the editor, discussed issues in classrooms and with friends and family, I’ve set out yard signs and manned phone banks. I’ve done all that. And in election after election I have watched my issues and candidates go down in defeat after resounding defeat. It happens. It doesn’t mean Democracy is dead. In the case of Wisconsin it just means the Democrats have got to wrest control of their party from the Marxists, that’s all.

So I’ve seen all these defeat and yet I kept getting back up and trying again. Losing the elections was trying and tiring, it was frustrating and sometimes painful. But you get used to it. With the way the world seems to be going, the bankruptcy and stupidity of current economic theories is getting more and more obvious and people like yourself who appear to hold to those discredited models should probably get used to the pain of defeat. But don’t worry, I don’t wish you away or gone. Every idea needs foils, people and ideas that challenge and point out flaws. That’s how ideas improve. I’ve been the sandpaper for your ideas for a long time, get ready to be sandpaper to mine.

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