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This 14-year-old just bought a house, and to read most of the comments on this NPR article, you’d think Willow was part of the problem with America.

Willow lives in a neighborhood hit particularly hard by the housing bubble and subsequent crisis. Her mother became involved in real estate as much of their neighborhood, being under water financially, became empty, foreclosed shells, and Willow found an opportunity selling the contents of many of these houses on Craigslist. When one home, which had at one point sold for $100,000 was auctioned for only $12,000, she bought it, going halves with her mother. It had been trashed by the previous tenants prior to their exit and so she fixed it up and is now renting it to a young couple. Se plans to buy out her mother’s half before she turns 18.

To the commenters on NPR’s site, this is unconscionable. “Robber baron” is one of the nicer things they call her.

Would you feel better if Willow sat around taking self-pics, talking about boys, playing video games, and facebooking, and the get on public assistance when she gets old enough to be a real burden on society? Would that irk your righteous indignation less? Would her becoming yet another knocked-up single mother, destitute due to poor decisions, and with a future limited by how many burgers she can flip before she has to pick up her kids from daycare make you feel better about your own life choices?

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