The Book I Wanted To Write

The Book that Made Your World How the Bible Created the Soul of Western CivilizationI love books that give the big picture. I also enjoy books that give details and argue over interesting and important minutia. Books that do both tend to be hit or miss, in my experience. The Book That Made Your World does both, and does them pretty well.

The book is thick, but don’t let that deter you. Vishal Mangalwadi argues, in clear and concise prose, for the basis of many specific good attributes of Western Civilization upon the Christian Bible. Addressing the roots of liberty (government and morality), compassion (medicine), the free market (trust), missionary work, education, and several other key aspects of a successful culture, Mangalwadi shows how Western Civilization has done the best job of creating and growing these, and how their current forms and expressions (as distinct from what we may have considered their historic forms) are directly or indirectly attributable to the Bible and Christianity in general, and often, the Reformation in particular.

It has been a dream of mine to write a book arguing factually for the supremacy of conservative ideology and Christian theology and their connection and relationship. While not addressing conservative ideology specifically, by nature of expressing support for the primary forms of Western Civilization as being tremendously beneficial to the entire world, The Book That Made Your World essentially is a book of conservative thought. And by showing the basis of these systems of our culture in Biblical Christianity, Mangalwadi has written a book critical to our world and culture at this time.

Disclaimer added under protest due to the anti-free speech ambitions of the Obama administration: I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers and in exchange for writing a review. They did not pressure me in any way to write a favorable review.

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