Global Warming: Can’t Have It Both Ways

Watch this video first:

It seems the main argument being espoused here by these assorted bloviators and blowhards is that global warming means, backed by the latest “models”, warmer winters with less snow, less ice, less of all that nasty stuff we just got a foot and a half of here in Chicago.
You can’t have it both ways: Warmer winters with less snow cannot equal global warming at the same time that colder winters with more snow equal global warming. To claim this is the case is to demonstrate the factual illegitimacy of your cause and the moral bankruptcy of yourself.

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One thought on “Global Warming: Can’t Have It Both Ways”

  1. Fault the term "Global Warming" for making simple minded people like you start these assertions. "Climate Change" would have been a much better term. That said, you cannot take 1 snow storm and call global warming false. Chicago used to have multiple snow storms per season, not just one. Also, check the records, every year for the past decade has been the warmest year yet. So, actually, "Global Warming" is a good term. Don't take one snow storm and use that to throw science out the window because some uneducated republican doesn't want his corporate constituents, ie- oil companies, to lose face.

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