Thoughts On Taste Of Chicago

The wife and son and I attended the Taste of Chicago on Saturday. Beautiful hot day with crowds of people and crappy food.

Yes. The Chicago, for all the great food you serve from the myriad restaurants lining your streets, your Taste was garbage.

Note to the Vendors: The purpose of the Taste-size portions is to attract people to your restaurant. You want people to want more.

I didn’t want any more of anything I tried.

The most interesting thing about the cheeseburger was the bun, it was substantial and could’ve supported quite the filling. Too bad all I got for my trouble was a pitifully thin patty and some american “cheese”. Oh, the pickles were OK too.

The Japanese dumpling’s flavors were bland, thankfully the sauce wasn’t. But it was poorly cooked and the filling was an uninteresting lump of some unrecognizable sludge.

The jerk chick with red beans and rice was watery and the flavor had been lost long ago.

I like rubbing shoulder with hot and sweaty and frustrated and happy and all the other people thronging the streets. And it’s highly unlikely anything will change because you’re making some real money at the Taste. But, if you want me to come back every year and not just the years I have someone new to show the Chicago way of doing things (poorly), I suggest you act like you care about the food you put out.

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