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Dennis Prager says we need another book. My response: Write it, Dennis.

Today, we need another book that uses the words of Rabbi Kushner’s classic work (When Bad Things Happen To Good People), but addresses an entirely different issue: When Good People Do Bad ThingsMost evil is not committed as a result of unbridled lust or greed. And the sadistic monster who revels in inflicting excruciating pain on other people is relatively rare.

Good intentions cause most of the world’s great evils.

Hitler and other infamous villains in human history did not wake up each morning rubbing their hands and cackling while imagining all the evil things they’d get to do. Except for this guy…

But, beyond the really big bad things that end up in history books and change the course of human history, most of the actual harm and pain and hurt and evil come from people you and I would pass on the street and not see any particular reason to think ill of. And the people we see in the mirror each day.

So Dennis, write your book. I’m want to read it.

The Onion points to a paradox that should make evolutionist’s heads disappear in a puff of logic: “Eons Of Darwinian Evolution Somehow Produce Mitch“.

Indeed, scientists said Mitch is perplexing on multiple fronts. For instance, in studying his weird, asymmetrical gait, researchers have been unable to discern any particular locomotive advantage he has over the more effective and less stigmatizing forms of self-propulsion exhibited by other bipeds. Researchers have also failed to determine how the development of the nuanced communication system of language, itself a product of humanity’s unique capacity for abstract thought, ultimately led to Mitch’s strong preference for the term “exsqueeze me” over “excuse me.”

I suppose the best answer to this is that people like Mitch are less prone to mate, according to Darwinian evolutionists. And thus evolution has worked because there won’t be a Mitch Jr.

My response: I’m married and mating. *Snurck*

If you don’t think the media is biased your shrink is calling, he wants his straightjacket back.

One of the many ways that the Associated Press lends its support to Democrats and leftists in its political reporting is often evident in its stories on political scandals. The most common assist the AP gives to Democrats is to somehow forget to mention that a politician in the news because of criminal activity or other scandals is a Democrat. Yet when any pol in the news for scandal is a Republican his party affiliation often leads the story, if it isn’t in the headline, even. Oh, it’s all accidental I’m sure, but it happens so often as to give the suspicion of a concerted effort.

Stop the ACLU has the dirty details on one more writer with an agenda. Completely unlike me.

The liberal mind cares more about intentions than results which makes them singularly ill-suited to leadership. For instance, among the power grabs going on constantly, recent banking regulations which are supposed to protect people who over-draw they accounts from high fees have had the effect of causing banks to do away with free checking accounts.

I’ve over-drawn my accounts. And that fee hurts. But it’s a good hurt because it makes more careful. And this brings us back to my favorite analogy of the butterflies. The liberal mind is opening all the chrysalids because of the painful struggle the butterfly is going through to extricate itself. But the freed butterfly, not having had to go through the exertions necessary to pump the fluid from it’s engorged body into it’s wings, falls to the ground, easy prey for the birds and insects.

Yes, you’ve freed people from one more way the market holds them responsible, and now you’ll create people even less capable of fending for themselves. It’s a vicious cycle, and yes, liberal ideology is completely to blame.

To finish things off tonight, the Pugnacious Irishman has allowed his butterflies to struggle, even if it meant a crisis in their faith.

The higher the stakes, the deeper the lesson, the more important it is to let those who can, fight for themselves.

High kudos to the Pugnacious Irishman for not stepping in when some Christian students at a regular meeting were confronted and challenged by brash atheists. Even when the students asked him to step in as they were being soundly smacked about the shoulders by the verbal volleys of a “Hitchen’s devotee”, Pugnacious refrained.

It is very important that people be impressed with the gravity of the situation, the inequity of the odds, the ability and strategy of the enemy. When you know the airplane is going to disintegrate in mid-air, you’ll keep that unwieldy and uncomfortable parachute strapped tightly to you no matter the jeering of the other passengers. When you see how deep and dark the chasm is on either side of this fine line we tread through life, you hold all the tighter to the truth that has set us free.

Letting the youngling free to fight their own battles is not an exercise in cruelty or dispassion. It is hard to watch when you are capable of stepping in and averting crisis. But steel must be forged in trying fires to gain strength, and gold my be melted over and again to be refined, and a good strong crisis of the faith will teach a growing Christian more than 70 sunday’s sermons.

As Pugnacious put it:

I’m not the type to leave them like that, though.  All I wanted was for them to get a swift kick in the pants so they’d be motivated to take the intellectual life of the Christian disciple more seriously.  Heavens ta mergatroy, its front and center in the *first* commandment! You’d think that would be enough.

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