The More I Know…

No Fear…the more I know I don’t know.

And it seems the same goes for many others.

The beautiful thing about this paradoxical realization is that I can right now assume I know very little, and save myself the trouble of having to unlearn things I have learned or will learn which are incorrect in actual fact.

And the even more beautiful thing about this is that I can choose to live, not in fear of what this food or that action or this chemical will do to me, and by applying a modicum of sensibility in place of the deluge of information we tend to rely on for facts, live just as safely and so much more happily than many other out there who are enslaved by the fear-mongering crowds of researchers, scientists, do-gooders, busy-bodies, and assorted other self-superior people.

I know this: fear prevents no more than caution, fear protects no better than sense, fear lives shorter and fear dies still fearful.

Fear is not for me.

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