Homeland Security, Obama-style

Faisal Shahzad - Attempted to blow up Times' Square, found out he could hardly light off a firecracker

I’m wondering, in the wake of the most recent thwarted/attempted terrorist attack last weekend, whether under President Bush law enforcement kept such attempts quiet or if they actually caught the would-be terrorists sooner?

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab - Attempted to blow up an airplane, only succeeded in burning his ****

So far, under President Obama, law enforcement has been 0-for-2. Both attempted attacks (The Christmas-day underwear bomber and Faisal Shahzad, the recent US citizen who just really really loved his new country, except the Time’s Square part) have been thwarted first through the terrorists own incompetence and then spotted and reported by a vigilant public.

Nidal Hasan - Succeeded in murdering people of true honor, something to which he'll never attain

If this is a newer and better government and it’s accompanying law enforcement, call me nostalgic for old times. Yea, I miss the guy.

I am not so naive to assume these are the only plots or attempts against the United States during Obama’s tenure as President, I’m just saying, when perceptions are reality and image is everything (and this is a President who, perhaps more than any before him, realizes and lives by this wisdom), President Obama is failing on national security.

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  1. I have no doubt our National Security is in jeopardy. It is just one thing after another. And all three of these men have something in common–let's see–can we guess what it that might be? I love your blog–I have it on my front page when I pull up my internet.

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