Selling Their Souls

Shameful Stupak: Selling babies out by the millions

Bart Stupak sold his soul and the lives of countless innocent babies for not even a bowl of porridge but the promise of a liar.

I’m proud to report that my representative, Congressman Dan Lipinksi, a Democrat whose pro-life stance stood firm in the face of what was reportedly intense pressure from the party leadership to support this particular pet project of the President, voted against the health care takeover and unconstitutional government power grab because he didn’t trust the promises of San Fran Nan’ and President Hope’nChange.

The battle isn’t over. After all, the sell-outs and pols who passed this know it’s not the right thing or the best thing. Why else would they push the implementation off for years?

Lipinski stuck to his principles

What they have accomplished is to paint massive targets on each and every one who voted Aye. Come election time fiscal conservatives will vote out those who levied hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt onto each and every one of us, our children, and our children’s children. And social conservatives will vote out those who signed on to the government sponsored slaughter of millions of innocents.

The Great American Genocide has only just begun, and the blood of millions of black and white, and hispanic and asian babies will cry from the dirt and garbage bins to the every listening ears of God.

Congressman Stupak, shame. Shame on you for selling your soul on the promise of a liar. Shame on you for selling out the countless babies who might have been born had it not been for your craven and cowardly act of supreme selfishness. Shame on you and your cronies who took a stand and abandoned it at the first hint of real trouble.

We, your electorate will indeed be coming for you come election time, but we’re not who you ought to fear. Fear a just and holy God who knows your heart and mind as well as we know your actions.

How did your representative vote tonight?

Samuel Adams penned these lines in response to those who would not stand and fight the necessary and good fights of his day:

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

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  1. I hasten to point out that simultaneously supporting both a ban on abortions and abstinence-only education is contradictory. Studies clearly demonstrate that abstinence-only education doesn't work. If conservatives were really interested in reducing abortions, the most effective approach is not banning the procedure but teaching every pubescent teenager how to correctly use birth control.

    The growing consensus among liberals and moderate conservatives is that abortions should be safe, legal, and rare.

  2. My dear sir, I hasten to point out that you have either not read the news recently, or you ignore information that does not meet your preconceived filter. And your filter is out of order.

    A recent study by the University of Pennsylvania, funded federally (which means if anything it would err on the side of pro-comprehensive sex education), shows your claims to not hold water.

    See the New York Times article:
    See the Wikipedia entry:
    And see the actual report:

    And so you are incorrect.

    Supporting a ban on abortions and supporting comprehensive sex education would be the contradictory stance.

    And frankly, I'm insulted that you consider human life to be incapable of self-control such as has been normal to assume the vast majority of people, young and old alike, were capable of. If your view of human kind is such that you don't think a well-taught and self-aware young person is capable of keeping their pants zipped and their skirt down, you are a small person indeed.

    Conservatives have been and continue to be right in this regard. The growing consensus among people who actual think before making a decision is that abortions kill children.
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    1. In the same way that erasing the result of rape by killing the child does not equal a moral good, killing people who operate under a mistaken and incorrect system of values does not make things right. There is one entity set up on earth that can justifiably deny the right to life under defined circumstances, and that is the government, and in our country that first requires significant and extraordinary amounts of due process.

      The article, however, is no factual paradise and does itself little credit with its frequent use of straw men, false comparisons, broad assertions, and general imbalance.

      The two laws are amending self-defense statutes and, as I read them, can be applied only when either your own person or the person of someone closely connected to you is in grave danger. Given the laxity with which the judicial system applies the laws the article describes as such:

      "Fetal homicide statutes have been on some state law books since the early seventies, according to, but many did not stipulate when a fetus became a person and potential crime victim, leaving courts to decide whether the death of an early-term fetus constituted a separate crime in maternal murder cases. But states more recently began using "cookie-cutter language in fetal homicide laws, assigning legal rights to fetuses at any gestational age,” Sondra Goldschein, state strategies director for the American Civil Liberties Union’s Reproductive Freedom Project, told in 2006. "

      I find it highly unlikely they will be accepting of the wanton murder of abortion-practicing medical staff as falling under justifiable homicide.

      There is no way I can pretend to know exactly what Jesus would say about this. Suffice to say He would likely be much better able to parse the nuances than I. However, as you have clearly and repeatedly stated that you don't believe Jesus to have been a historical figure, I believe your question is moot.

      From what the Bible does say, and clearly, we can be very clear that Jesus is, has been, and so long as the practice continues will be grieved by the practice of killing children because they are "unwanted" or "untenable". That latter reason we know to be a false shield, accounting for such small percentages as to be statistically insignificant and therefore without merit for basing public policy and law upon. The former reason is only a mark of our own selfish ambition, that we would sacrifice at the altar of our own pride and fleeting happiness those children who would result from that for which we had a choice.
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  3. I would ask instead what is worse, compounding the unmitigated evil that is rape with the darkness of death or allowing that life which resulted to chart it's own course and make its own way and, quite possibly, bring much light and joy and good into the world? Do we forbid life because it was brought about through wrong?
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  4. If a woman is unwilling or unable (for whatever reason…pysical, mental, financial) to bare a child then it is her choice, bottom line!

  5. You cannot win this argument by fiat.

    First, I do not subscribe to any theory of human behavior that equates us with animals in the sense of an inability to control our desires or actions. Because of this I do not accept "they're going to have sex anyways" as a valid line of reasoning supporting abortion.

    Second, in the same way you do not accept that an infant pre-birth or pre-some arbitrary point of time during the pregnancy is human, I do not accept that is the case. Brain waves are measured as early as 10 days after conception and ultrasounds of procedures performed upon infants in utero clearly indicated actions that do not correspond to the pro-aborts descriptions of stages of human development.

    Oh, and I believe you meant "bear", not "bare".
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  6. Yes, sorry for my spelling gaffe, that's a common mistake I have. What you need to realize is that people are animals, no more no less. We have urges and we act upon them. Sex is one of the biggest urges humans have and very few have the will-power to keep it in check. Look at what it does to priests and cardinals. It turns them towards innocent alter boys instead of healthy relations. There's nothing wrong with having sex. There are many things wrong with not teaching safe sex to children. Also, brainwaves do not constitute life. Many species continue to show minor brainwaves after death, just look at insects and their twitching limbs. Nervous impulses, impulses brought on by their tiny little brains continuing to react. What you need to understand is that brains contain numerous chemicals that will react without thought, before, during, and after death. That does not automatically create life.

  7. On a separate note, I do hope you have Showtime because in April they're premiering their new show, "The Borgias". While the dialogue is created for dramatic effect, the storylines are historical fact. I really hope you watch so you can see what kind of grounds your religious beliefs come from. How corrupt and scandalous the church was, is , and always will be.

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