It Pays To Lie

Rajendra K. Pachauri

Or was it “I lie to get paid”?

The U.N. climate chief presided over a report which has been used to justify huge increases in U.N. spending on certain pet projects of the climate lobby which has been found to be, um, faulty.

The factual inaccuracies were found prior to the climate change conferences which were full of attempts to globalize governments, spend more money on pet projects, and various other things, and yet they were not corrected or retracted before the conference.

So now, understandably, there are calls for this scientist-cum-bad liar/opportunist (hey, sounds like the majority of people calling for more government control in the name of global cooling, or was that warming?) to step down, and he won’t.

Because there are no external moral forces compelling him to act morally, his own power and desires are his only guiding light.

So we strip his power and/or shame him.

Oh, did I mention the climate panel Rajendra heads won a Nobel Prize for that lie report?

2 thoughts on “It Pays To Lie”

  1. Again, you are a typical right-winged talking head pulling small bits of news out of context without reporting the whole truth. After The Daily Telegraph printed it's allegations against Pachauri a full audit was conducted by KPMG, both over his personal finances as well as TERI. They found zero evidence of fraud or anything shady going on at all. Furthermore, once the audit was completed The Daily Telegraph even printed a public apology to Pachauri. Why don't you look at the whole truth instead of the small bits of falsehoods that you post here to try and sway people towards an irrational point of view. Why is helping the environment such a left-wing issue? Regardless of Climate Change, shouldn't trying to preserve our world which is clearly falling apart be high on everyone's priority list? What is wrong with funding clean energy projects? Oil companies that destroy our environment profit billions of dollars a year, yet we still give them gvmt subsidies. Why do we need to continue to prop up extremely profitable industries when there are new ones with better technology that can create new jobs that need that help? I will never understand the closemindedness of the Christian-right.

  2. How do you like this record-high 60 degree weather just two short weeks after the worst snow storm Chicago has seen since 1979 that came with negative zero winds? Still think our climate and weather patterns are doing ok?

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