The Mission Field Commission

God gave this prayer to a friend of mine. Enjoy and let it challenge and inspire you.

These parents treat their children as if they were their homies in the streets,

They raise them up in immorality and teach them how to cheat,

This generation has deplorable values,

And they’ve glorified the term “deadbeat”.

There is a perversity that runs so deep, passed by blood between the sheets…

And our city sleeps…

The nation it creeps,

As it lurks in and out, across this poverty stricken house,

lying in doubt.

These people are lost, and in their follies they shout!

Sin runs so deep into the hearts of these streets…

Sight is given only to those viewed through the clip,

Faith built on greed, they’re being slain in mammon’s grip,

Pain evoked passions,

Will the demise ever quit?

Folks are getting tired of all same ol’ stiff lip,

Their darkened inner cities, just want things to be fixed.

Broken and tired, their emotions so mixed…

The catastrophic demise,

will surely arise,

If the Calvary doesn’t come quick!

People are sick.

These lands are ill filled by the ways of the stick.

And I must admit my blame in this,

For not doing my part to help the fix.

But time urgently speaks to all those who repent,

To gather your forces for this mission we’re sent.

Come to valley all you who are God-sent.

Make room in your tent,

Join the gospel event, for the time is so near.

Your place in this race is to speak the Word over fear,

There is opportunity now for the hurting to hear,

Be the hands and the feet and the bringer of cheer.

The mission speaks life, and brings peace to the tears.

Take up His commission and share salvation this year,

To this lost generation, for the Coming is near…

Ashley Lucas

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