Walmart Calls Chicago

No Wal-Mart in Chicago
"No Wal-Mart in Chicago"

For y’all who don’t know, Chicagoans must deal with, among other things, a city hall in the pocket of labor unions. One of the results of this is that only very few Walmarts are allowed to be built within the city limits.

As noted before, Walmart saves money for people in neighborhoods nearby by creating pressure to lower prices in surrounding stores as well as allows people to choose healthier food options because of the greater strength of their dollars.

Despite Chicago’s efforts, though, Walmart continues to try to build more stores here, and city hall just decided they could get Walmart where it hurts while pretending to be for the “little guy”.

Responding to one of the latest applications, Chicago said Walmart could build their store if they paid an artificially inflated minimum wage higher than the minimum wage for the rest of the employers in Chicago.

Lesson one in hurting people: make it hard for employers to hire people.

Walmart called Chicago on their scheme, and one can’t help but grin at this call:

Rolando Rodriguez, vice president and regional general manager for Wal-Mart, said the company would be willing to swallow a Chicago wage mandate under certain conditions.

“If there is a minimum wage ordinance that applies to everybody, and every business in Chicago is held to that ordinance, then the answer would be yes,” Rodriguez said Thursday. “There’s no need for Wal-Mart to be singled out. Why is it all other retailers are allowed to build in Chicago and we are not?”

Answer that fat cats and charlatan pols in Chicago City Hall.

You raise the wage for all employers in the city and half of them will go out of business. The other half will hate your guts.

Nobody will higher full-time employees because there’s no way they’d agree to pay benefits and full-time taxes on top of that exorbitant wage.

2 thoughts on “Walmart Calls Chicago”

  1. There is so much political masquerading going on around this Wal-Mart development. The people of Chicago want this store in their community-why not give it to them? If it is going to help with jobs, and provide people with affordable goods, don't try to stop it. We need to try to help ourselves as much as possible in this economy, and it seems Wal-Mart would do a lot of good for the South Side.

  2. Completely with you there JJp.

    The leadership somehow get it in their minds they have a better idea regarding what's best for these people. And in their misguided ways they end up hurting the very people they claim to be helping.

    One wonders, in the face of such incontrovertible facts, whether people, like those leading the City of Chicago, know they're doing harm and continue their policies for other purposes or whether they are truly blind to the results of their policies.

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