I Know Who I’d Like To Be

Wealth without context
Wealth without context

Rich and not working

During a conversation the question came up “who am I?” The lady I was talking with gave the above response, half joking yet completely serious.

I’ve often thought what I’d do if I were rich enough to not have to worry. Forget that with more money usually comes more worry for the sake of this argument.

Truth be told I would not stop working. I would definitely take the time to find a job I enjoyed more, and probably agree to work for much less than I may be worth. But not necessarily a non-profit job either. It would have to be the right non-profit.

The point is, I wouldn’t stop working.

There are too many strange and exciting things to learn and different and unique people to meet and experiences to participate in to justify stepping out of that world.

The life of wealth and ease is not a pleasant idea to me.

I’d not take a job that worked long hours or weekends unless the rare and necessary occasion. I’ve never lived to work.

Something I tell employers is that I work to live. I work in order to allow me to participate in my family, in ministry, in relationships.

So if I were to answer who I’d like to be, my response would be I’d like to be pretty much where I am now, with a bit more knowledge, a bit more wisdom, a bit more maturity, more history under my belt, and more future on the horizon.

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