Don’t You Wish

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

Don’t you wish sometimes you could lie, cheat, steal, deal underhandedly, and in general act immorally in order to accomplish what you thought was best in this world?

I do.

With the state of our nation and it’s populace, lies are more believed than the truth. So if I could lie to protect unborn babies, if I could cheat to lower taxes, if I could steal to keep the government within it’s areas of legitimate responsibility.

Sometimes I just wish I could.

But I can’t.

One thought on “Don’t You Wish”

  1. No we cannot. What is more, the only reason we cannot is our faith. After all, if we had no faith, or our believe in our faith was not real, what would require us to abide by and ethical standard?

    This however is that largest difference between what we can do and say as Christian conservatives and what our other Republican and Democrat counterparts can say or do.

    They do lie, steal, and cheat (and otherwise perform acts also associated with the devil) because for them the ends justify any means. Pay taxes, who cares? Change policies without proper authority, who cares? Teach children a single view point (which is only acceptable if you are the parent), who cares?

    This is a line that the Christian conservatives cannot cross. These are tactics they cannot engage in simply because we already have our end . . . now we are just working out the means according to Godly principles.

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