Wrong Argument

Government Panic
Government Panic

A friend of mine asks if conservatives and those opposing the “Public Option” canard aren’t allowing themselves to be distracted from what ought to be the first, only, and real argument.

The real argument ought not be anything about how much it will cost or how this part of the plan or that part of the plan will or will not violate this or that moral principle.

The real argument ought to be, what program of the federal government has achieved success enough that we can say the federal government is even basically capable of managing our health care?

Medicare? Welfare? Getting us to the moon?

If the standard is “Did it work?” Then yes, there are plenty of successes.

But if the standard is did it work better than a private sector initiative has or could have done, then no, there aren’t any successes.

It has been said the government of the US is very good at getting big things done. But it accomplishes them wastefully and without efficient use of money, people, time, or any other quantifiable resource.

And it is prone to corruption. Not just prone. If the government puts aside billions and trillions of dollars to set up healthcare management for the entire US, you can bet your bottom dollar hangers on and suck ups and all the dirty corrupt scum of the earth will be crawling as quickly as possible to that massive spigot of wealth to suck as much as possible for themselves.

It’s not a chance, it’s a fact.

So, is the government capable? Yes, in the barest sense.

Would we want anything the government created? No, in the surest sense.

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