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A couple things to update everyone one . . .

First, from the this article and video, a congressman (Rep. David Scott), holds a town hall meeting on a local highway that will be installed.

Two points on that . . . 1) What is a congressman worried about a local highway for? That sounds like special interests to me. 2) Why is he talking about a highway at a town hall meeting when everyone knows that health care is on everyone’s mind.

However, the real elitism is hound in the congressman’s response to the criticism . . . he yells at the doctor! The congressman refuses to set up an appointment with the doctor and then yells at him for expressing his concerns. In fact, in the video, you will even see that the congressman really doesn’t want to answer the question. Wait, we vote for him and trust him to represent us and now he will not even tell us how he will represent us . . . that definitely sounds like of the people and for the people.

Second, as this article and this Fox News video show, Rep. John Dingell holds a town hall meeting to address the health care reform (very good). However, has anyone ever realized that Rep Dingell was first elected to congress in 1955. For some reason, I don’t think he has ever had to touch normal American hardships.

The real elitism comes out in his responses though. While holding the meeting, the representative is rudely interrupted by a father and a son. The interruption is not right, but neither is the congressman’s response. When asked how a disabled child would be protected under welfare reform, Rep. Dingell says that there is an amendment . . . but cannot quote the number. Why? Because there is no amendment. So, basically, the congressman lied to the people who voted him in thinking that they would be too stupid to know any better . . . sounds like he knows his constituents real well.

Oh, yah, and then on top of that Democratic leadership just decried that protesters as “un-American.” Hmm . . . welcome to the new culture classes . . . those who “know” and dictate, and those the “knowers” try to hoodwink.


Here’s the video:

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