The Golden Age

In every generation there is a Golden Age. A time where the generation is most passionate about its beliefs, best equipped to achieve its goals, and most free to do the impossible.

Unfortunately, very few generations ever achieve their cause or are able to promote it successfully. Many attempt have been tried, but few have succeeded. The reason, each generation is given only a small time to achieve their goals. After, a generation achieves the point of maturity where they can do something on their own, there is instantly a time limit set on their peak effectiveness. They have few worry, little concerns, and large amount so freedom. The people in the generation are able to do more and be more than they ever have been before or ever will be again. Each day that passes brings the generation closer to the point of more responsibilities and more constrictions.

Each generation is given this very small portion of time to achieve their purpose and many of them miss this opportunity.

Unfortunately, I and my generation’s time is almost up. With in the next 1-4 years responsibilities will take our time, bills will demand our attention, and commitments will steal our freedom . . . however, I do not stand ashamed for my actions.

While it is not yet a time for retrospective, I do have to look back.

I remember hearing my generations purpose only a couple years ago. We had the call to lead a revival. Our parents had built build building as praise offerings from their hearts, but the buildings soon became idols and coffins. Then our older siblings started to notice the hypocrisy of the church and started to define their own passion filled, heart directed course. However, they were not to be the ones who would redefine the church.

That was my generations responsibility. We were to start the next revival and change the church. At this point, we have not achieved total success. We have challenged the church, but have not changed it. We hold a different radically different mindset, but have allowed it to be tempered by the rigidity of tradition.

We have only a couple measly years left to achieve our purpose. Only a couple years to make the change that we have not made yet. We stand in danger of failure.

However, I am not ashamed. I have done as my Lord has commanded me. I have answered His call. I have tried to lead others to this call and have succeed with some and failed with others. He has blessed me with a peace in my life that cannot be explained in anyway and the support needed to fill my few small responsibilities.

However, I still weep over what may become a lost opportunity. Soon, those I have grown up with will no longer be the ones with the special commission, but we will be the ones commissioned to grow, train, and support those who come after us. Those who, like my sister, have a desire to learn and grwo and are only 15.

While this commission is wonderful, it hardly achieves our special commission. But as for me and my house, we have served the Lord and we seek to glorify his name in all we do.

Thank you to those who have done the same.

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