Tiller Murder

Without equivocation I condemn the murder of Dr. Tiller.

Murder is murder, and one murder never justifies another.

We live in a land of law and justice. No man is above the law or a law to themselves, when such a personal law conflicts with the law of the land.

The only way a person can lose their life legitimately and legally at the hand of man is when that person has been found guilty of some crime worthy of the death penalty by the justice system of that land. In America this means being found guilty by a jury of their peers of certain specific crimes.

In the small way I am aware of Dr. Tiller, I find his career to be revolting and disgusting in the highest sense. I find it difficult to even consider the occupation with which he has spent his life: killing innocent, unborn children late in their term.

If he did not repent, prior to his death, of this heinous sin, God has perfect justice ready for him. But it is not mine to mete out to him.

I grieve for Dr. Tiller in that it is very likely did not accept the salvation of the Lord. Eternal punishment is a fearful thing that I cannot wish on any person, ever. It is not mine to wish.

As a Christian, I take both comfort and warning from God’s claim to perfect justice:  “‘Vengeance is Mine, I will repay’ says the Lord.”

Comfort because I know God will do a much better job of justice than any human court ever could. He judges the innermost thoughts and wishes, the heart and the mind. Things a human judge could never see clearly to judge on.

And yet warning, because God reserving, without qualification, all vengeance to Himself leaves none for me. Not even the vengeance of thought or hope.

I should not feel giddy or happy that God may indeed be judging an evil man for his sin. Instead, there is anguish that Satan succeeded in destroying another life entrhalled in deception and pride. Another life is doomed forever to torment and there isn’t another chance to rescue this soul from the depredations of sin and score another victory against the prince of darkness and his failing, faltering, now conquered kingdom.

Dr. Tiller was a sinner, as am I.

And his murderer ought to be brought to justice, as should the murderer of any other sinner.

To the pro-life people: We are against death. It’s the morally superior position and all those who dispute this argue against sense and reason.

When pro-abortion people state that our general position for the death penalty makes our argument false, they only reveal the moral bankruptcy of their own feeble stand.

We are for the life of the innocent and the protection of that life through the rare but possible, lawfully imposed death of the guilty at the hands of the law and the government.

They are for the death of the innocent, damage and destruction of their mothers, freedom from responsibility of the fathers, and protection of those who would kill other innocents.

There really isn’t much comparison.

If we’re tempted to support, in any way, the murder of Dr. Tiller. No matter how we may despise the sin he dug himself so deeply into, we succumb to lawlessness and anarchy. Which leads, without exception, to the death of innocents.

4 thoughts on “Tiller Murder”

  1. Matt,

    This situation should bring to light for professing christians as to whether their thinking
    is "of MAN" or whether it is "of GOD".

    This man (a pro-abortionist) killed someone thinking it was for the 'greater good'. Kill those that are doing wrong to save many.

    In the United States, the practice is to kill those (US enemies) trying to kill Americans. …for the greater good…to save many.

    So how should professing christians stand? Kill only our enemies? (which in both cases above, there are enemies)
    Or, as God say's…."Love your enemies".."put away your sword"…."resist not evil"…"do good to those that persecute you"…etc…

    Can christians, have it both ways? Thinking it is wrong to kill babies, but think its ok to kill your enemies (grown-up babies)…if it is ok to kill your enemies(as a professing christian), then every pro-lifer(that is a professing christian) should go and kill all that are doing abortions, correct?

    interested in your thoughts!

  2. Mike,
    I see no conflict of interests here because, from my perspective, you are comparing two totally different situations reguarding authority.

    The killing of unborn babies in a legal manner is subjected to the governing authority of the federal government. This government exercises jurisdiction over the populace and allows the killing of unborns but not the murder of born humans.

    However, there is no such authority at the international level. There is no world governing body (yes, the UN is not a world governing body) to which all the countries are subjected. Instead, "Authority" on the international level is defined as the ability of a country to defend its citizens. So, a country is obligated to defend those who attack it (look at our enemies, they are the ones who hate us and usually call us the "Big Satan").

  3. This discussion is really about the justification of actions, not specifically the "greater good". However, if you want to talk about the "greater good," if you are a Christian, the answer becomes unanswerable because we cannot account for the actions of the doctor is he would have been saved (would the expectant mothers have gone to another doctor? would the doctor become the next Billy Graham?). The same issue applies to international war. As a Christian, we can never operate in the greater good because, for us, it doesn't exist.

    However, the rule of law and existance of authority does, and it must be preserved.

  4. A friend on Facebook posted this salient thought:
    "We are pro-life. Pro-life. Tiller was not and he met up with someone else who was not pro-life. He and his murderer had that in common."

    God reserves Justice (earthly trial and punishment) to Government and Vengeance (heavenly, final trial and just desserts) to Himself.

    War is sanctioned by Government, usually for the preemption of acts against the safety of it's own people, but also for retribution against those who have harmed it's people.

    We are to love our enemies, but we, as Christians, are justified to acting to protect our own against aggressors using deadly force.

    Acting outside government sanction is where the moral difficulty lies.

    So I would say it is morally consistent to be pro-infant-life, pro-innocent-life, pro-guilty-death, and pro-justified-war.

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