Where does it stop?

So, first we have a large number of nominees that have not paid their taxes. Second, we have a state run media service. Third, we are now being threatened to watch our words when discussing a political appointment.

Can anyone spell Anarchy. Sure we still have a governmental structure but does any respect of that structure really exist. Actually it does. That is why Obama is still the President. However, the problem is that there is no respect of the governmental structure from inside the government.

Point in fact, the government now owns GM (why isn’t GM just giving out free cars now? they have received enough money). This is not the government owning a government industry but rather the government owning a part of the private industry and crossing a sacred barrier that will probably never be able to be built again.

The government is filled with people who lie to the populace by not filing their taxes right, lying under oath (hm . . . does that mean they don’t take their oaths as lawmakers seriously?), and then run a state media service to protect their god from any negativity.

On top of our government not following the laws they make, they also support the reforming of the laws in our court system and the abuse of that system from the bench.

And now they want a 10% VAT tax . . . what are we, their next paycheck?

I am not called to politics (yet). They wear me down and wear me out. However, I pray hard that a leader would step up and change the tide. We have reached the point where we need some type of revolution. We cannot bring a leader to build on this system, we need to bring in a leader to destroy what has been built and give us a new start.

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