Accountability Hurts

So, the British government is under intense criticism right now. However, it has nothing to do with their foreign policy or their international interactions. It has to do with a miss use and abuse of the public money.

A member of the British government just publicly denounced the “claims” that are leaking out and said that the papers should stop leaking the information. However, all I can ask is why?

Accountability has always been regarded as the most painful, but most effective, method of keeping track of progress. Many of us have been through times where we learned the value of accountability. Often these situations hurt, but they always helped. So, why is the British government so afraid.

Because they are about to hurt. After years of fighting for transparency (hmm . . . that word sound familiar), the British populace have now learned that the public funds that are to be used to support a second house for members of the government, have been used for vacations, relatives houses, pornography, and many other trivial expenses not related to the running of the government. The populace is not happy. It has been remarked that they look at the members of government with disdain and every government member that has been caught in the scandal (about 1/5 of Parliament, and more information is still leaking out) is expected to not be reelected or is offering not to run again.

Some members of the government are lamenting this public outrage. But why shouldn’t the public be outraged. After all, public funds were misused, public confidence was abused, and now the government is berating the populace for wanting honesty. Yeah, I would be enraged.

I honestly don’t care about the British government though. However, the government closer to home isn’t too different. Sure, they are probably not abusing public money for private uses too much . . . but they are fighting for earmarks, they are involved in petty politics, and many of them disdain the populace that elects them.

In fact, the general attitude of many politicians (and the basis of any form of socialism) is that the populace is incapable of self government and that the established government must become their god. This god they have made though ignores our pleas for reasoning and bipartisan efforts.

Instead, many politicians have lost touch with reality and live in a petty world. After all, many of them do not work in reality (immunity, not paying taxes, dictating their own income, passing unconstitutional laws without hesitation) and yet they feel like they are the answer to our problems.

They should be scared, transparency is a scary thing and eventually it will come. It was seen recently in California where the government proposed a myriad of proposition that would increase taxes and employ funny economics in order to balance a budget. The only issue is that the government created the problem when they (unconstitutionally) refused to balance recent budgets. However, the electorate voted every proposition down (most by 60/40 margins) except the propositions that suspended politicians wages in times of a budget deficit. The people aren’t stupid.

If politicians are smart, they would become very careful right now. Sure, they have nothing to fear if all they need to do is apologize about not paying the taxes, but a lifestyle of cheating the public is a dangerous one, and payday may be right around the corner.

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