Where does it stop?

So, first we have a large number of nominees that have not paid their taxes. Second, we have a state run media service. Third, we are now being threatened to watch our words when discussing a political appointment.

Can anyone spell Anarchy. Sure we still have a governmental structure but does any respect of that structure really exist. Actually it does. That is why Obama is still the President. However, the problem is that there is no respect of the governmental structure from inside the government.

Point in fact, the government now owns GM (why isn’t GM just giving out free cars now? they have received enough money). This is not the government owning a government industry but rather the government owning a part of the private industry and crossing a sacred barrier that will probably never be able to be built again.

The government is filled with people who lie to the populace by not filing their taxes right, lying under oath (hm . . . does that mean they don’t take their oaths as lawmakers seriously?), and then run a state media service to protect their god from any negativity.

On top of our government not following the laws they make, they also support the reforming of the laws in our court system and the abuse of that system from the bench.

And now they want a 10% VAT tax . . . what are we, their next paycheck?

I am not called to politics (yet). They wear me down and wear me out. However, I pray hard that a leader would step up and change the tide. We have reached the point where we need some type of revolution. We cannot bring a leader to build on this system, we need to bring in a leader to destroy what has been built and give us a new start.

He’s A Crook, She’s Not Right

Burris is a crook. Whodathunkit?

And a liar, of the worst kind. Pretentiously hiding behind his squeaky clean image and claiming he’d never talked to Blagojevich about favors that resulted in his appointment to the Senate. Santimoniously sermonizing ad nauseum about how he was about the people’s business and wouldn’t allow sordid speculation sway his resolve.

There’s no sordid speculation here and that sactimonious sermonizing can go right back down the vile gullet it emerged from to add it’s putrid mass to the seething stench that inhabits that man’s soul.

Just a question, an honest one here: knowing the FBI had recorded phone conversations and in all likelihood had him incriminating himself with incontravertible proof, how did Burris walk the halls of Congress with his debonaire smile? Was  his conscience eating him at all? Or is his corruption so complete that he’s quelled all better things within him?

Oh, and now he’s “torn” over helping Blagojevich.

This much is true: as a parent we want our child to feel bad about doing wrong, not about being caught.

Burris is feeling bad about being caught. His emotional development is very likely so incredibly stunted it would take a redemptive work in his life to make him feel grief over his actual wrong.

So throw the Senator out already.

Judge Sotomayor has lots of things going for her: Obama likes her, and… Obama thinks she’ll do a good job.


A significant number of her decisions have been reversed, and of those upheld, her arguments have been faulted by superior judges. This indicates a consistency only in fallacy and not in skilled jurisprudence.

Reading through a list of Sotomayor decisions, one finds very quickly she is anti-business, pro-union,  and pro-regulation.

She believes business is out to hurt people.

She believes unions are completely good and no bad thing can come from them.

She believes generally that government knows best, especially when the right kind of people run government.

One thing conspicuously absent from her beliefs is a belief in the rule of law and the supremacy of law over all men equally.

It’s no unfair fear tactic to quote her (from the NY Times):

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life

Would a white male judge saying a version of that phrase last any longer than a water drop on a hot iron skillet? Of course not, and for good reason. There’s no place for preference or opinion in the law.

Justice is supposed to be blind.

Sotomayor, in her arrogance and conceit, proudly claims her judgement issued with her eyes of justice wide open and uncovered is best.

It may indeed her best judgement, but it’s not the judgement we require of those occupying the highest chairs of justice in our land.

Castles Of Corruption

Newt Gingrich:

Americans should look carefully at the anti-politician, anti-government mood exhibited in California last week.

This vote is the second great signal that the American people are getting fed up with corrupt politicians, arrogant bureaucrats, greedy interests and incompetent, destructive government.

The elites ridiculed or ignored the first harbinger of rebellion, the recent tea parties. While it will be harder to ignore this massive anti-tax, anti-spending vote, they will attempt to do just that.

Voters in our largest state spoke unambiguously, but politicians and lobbyists in Sacramento are ignoring or rejecting the voters’ will, just as they are in Albany, N.Y., and Trenton, N.J. The states with huge government machines have basically moved beyond the control of the people. They have become castles of corruption, favoritism and wastefulness. These state governments are run by lobbyists for the various unions through bureaucracies seeking to impose the values of a militant left. Elections have become so rigged by big money and clever incumbents that the process of self-government is threatened.

Albany is even more corrupt and dysfunctional. The special interests that own the legislators in both parties have been exploiting New York for two generations. They have impoverished the Upstate region to the point where it is a vast zone of no jobs and no opportunities. Their predatory tax and bureaucratic union behavior is beginning to cripple New York City. More and more successful New Yorkers are leaving the state. In the face of multiple crises, Gov. David Paterson has shown himself incapable of carrying out reform.

…the machines don’t care because all they want to do is own the wreckage.

…look again at the 62 percent-plus majority in California in favor of smaller government and lower taxes.

In the great tradition of political movements rising against arrogant, corrupt elites, there will soon be a party of people rooting out the party of government. This party may be Republican; it may be Democratic; in some states it may be a third party. The politicians have been warned.

Read all about it: States have become castles of corruption

But Dan Walters, in the Sacramento Bee,  says we shouldn’t be as upset as we are:

When… new taxes expire in a couple of years, Californians’ relative tax burden could also drop further – but if the economy is rising by then, it could also mean a surge of revenues even when the increased rates disappear.

If nothing else, these data indicate that while income and sales tax rates may make a difference, the economy is the biggest factor in how much tax Californians pay in aggregate.

When the economy rises, so do tax collections, and when it falls, revenues fall with it.

Walters asks if Californians taxes are too high or too low.

It’s not that the taxes are too high or too low, it’s the socio-political philosophy which supports such confiscatory policies and uses the money to pad pockets and entrench power.

Its a good thing

Crisis is the best thing that can happen to California. However, California is not going to do any better or learn a thing from this crisis due to the paradigm of the government.

As Governor Schwarzenegger correctly stated, the state government is in trouble and cannot just print more money like the federal government (though the federal government really can’t do that either without destroying themselves).

So, instead California must take steps to fix this problem. Their steps could turn them into the leading state again and make them a model for the other states. California is in debt do to overspending but cutting any part of the government would hurt someone. However, California still has to cut 25% of its budget no matter what.

The solution is simple. The California government needs to increase the value of the dollar to the government. Instead of trying to figure which part of government should inherit more money, there needs to be a search to find out how to get more for the dollar. Money for schools needs to be cut and then returned based on performance. Or, even better, schools need to be privatized (and districts abolished) and made to compete for the money. The DMV needs to be privatized or forced to run on only its receipts. Government employee contracts need to be privatized (the unions would just love this). The operations of state parks and museums needs to be turned over to private hands, or the parks needs to be required to operate on the money they generate.

In short, the government needs to require that its services operate on the money they generate and the services that do not generate money need to be contractually privatized or given funding based on performance.

However, California will not do this. Instead, they will prepare themselves for even greater failure.The reason is because the paradigm of a politician (at least in our society) is to throw money at the problem. The examples of this expound on every level of government. Right now we are about to throw $4 Billion more dollars at GM before they have even submitted a new restructuring plan (hm . . . why don’t they just stop selling cars and give them away now?). And where did all that stimulus money go? It just got thrown at the problem, but did it fix the problem? The examples just keep going on . . . Money does not fix the problem. Thought , precision, and execution brought on by competition solves the problem.

However, all that California will do this year is cut budgets and hurt people. There will be no inspiration to improve value or production. Instead, ineffective people will lose the money they needed to be ineffective and they will just stop. That is the future, that is what will happen in California . . . and your state and my state are going to be next.

Government-Run Business, Epic Fail

As I’ve said before, several times, government involvement and control of business is a recipe for failure, disaster, loss, pain, hurt, evilness, etc.

In the Wall Street Journal, John Steele Gordon:

In 1913, for instance, thinking it was being overcharged by the steel companies for armor plate for warships, the federal government decided to build its own plant. It estimated that a plant with a 10,000-ton annual capacity could produce armor plate for only 70% of what the steel companies charged.

When the plant was finally finished, however — three years after World War I had ended — it was millions over budget and able to produce armor plate only at twice what the steel companies charged. It produced one batch and then shut down, never to reopen.

But epic failures on the Government’s part aren’t relegated to such ancient history.

Medicare is a prime example of government-run medical care:

Last year the Government Accountability Office estimated that no less than one-third of all Medicare disbursements for durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and hospital beds, were improper or fraudulent. Medicare was so lax in its oversight that it was approving orthopedic shoes for amputees.

And such failures through the history of government are not aberrations, they’re inherent to the system. John Gordon argues there are at least seven reasons government failure is the rule and not the exception when it comes to running things:

  1. Governments are run by politicians, not businessmen
  2. Politicians need headlines
  3. Governments use other people’s money
  4. Government does not tolerate competition
  5. Government enterprises are almost always monopolies
  6. Government is regulated by government

John Gordon ends his argument admitting that Capitalism isn’t necessarily pretty or perfect:

Indeed, to paraphrase Winston Churchill’s famous description of democracy, it’s the worst economic system except for all the others. But the inescapable fact is that only the profit motive and competition keep enterprises lean, efficient, innovative and customer-oriented.

In other words, Government hurts and harms. Damage and destruction are in it’s nature. Why else is government the best at war?

And private enterprise is the best there is at alleviating suffering and maximizing wealth to the most people most effectively and efficiently.

Read John Gordon’s whole article.