So, I really hate to point out the obvious . . . but how many rings does this circus we call the “White House” have?

Today, our president let us know that the economy isn’t as bad as we thought. . .  after telling us a few weeks ago that it was going to be worse than we thought . . . after telling us that he would fix the economy (remember, in the election? Oh, forgive me, he said he would spread the wealth, not fix the economy.)

And now guess what . . . not only have 4 of Obama’s nominees been charged with tax evasion (has anyone looked into Obama’s taxes?), but one of his aides is now under investigation by the FBI. I guess this just goes under the “transparency” clause. They want us to know that they are just like us . . . they don’t pay their taxes (just like us right?) but still love to spend other people’s money (just like us right?).

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