Juvenile . . . and this guy wants to unite the world, great start

So . . . I am now officially embarrassed. After my daily musings over drudgereport.com, I can say that something is wrong in the White House. Just as a matter of perspective, the drudgereport is officially a non-biased news collection website that posts the most pertinent and useful recent news. The website has always been considered to have a conservative bent but is suspected of having been more supportive of President Obama during the last election cycle. However, the website is a good barometer of the times. A person can get a good perspective of our society by viewing the website over a couple days time.

And let me tell you . . . these last couple days have been embarrassing. Who did we put in the White House? A juvenile. A newbie. Or, as the English writer James Delingpole says in his article entitled “Was ‘Lady Macbeth’ behind Barack Obama’s snub of Gordon Brown?” from the telegraph, President Obama might be a “hormonal teenager.”

Honestly, this guys takes everything personally, cannot stand other opinions, and has little sense of decency and no sense of respect.

First, taking everything personally. When Jim Cramer, a very liberal economist, criticizes the Obama administration, the White House press secretary makes a dismissive comment about Jim Cramer specifically. I am sorry, but I remember lots of medica criticism of the Bush administration, but very few (if any) direct barbs at specific citics.

Cannot stand other opinions. Ok this is really a given. However, doesn’t it really strike you that, when the President should be leading the people through a hard time, he has the time to specifically get involved in attacking an individual who holds another opinion. When the world is falling apart, Mr Obama is involved in plans to label Mr Limbaugh at the face of the Republican party (how about you let the Republicans do that) and then attacking him as such. Hm . . . forget real issues like, the middle east, China’s hold on our fiscal notes, genocide in Africa, oh and stuff like, the economy, being bipartisan, reforming social security. You know .  .  . important things that might actually mean something in 10-15 years.

And finally, little sense of decency and no sense of respect. So, Gordon Brown, Britain’s PM (I think), comes over to the U.S. to try to reinforce a “special relationship” that the two nations have. The PM brings over a pen made from the wood of of a former anti slave ship. A very rare and special gift to an up and coming world leader (or maybe not if he has his way and there is nothing left for him to lead in a couple years). So, what does Mr. Obama do for the head of the British legal system? He send a box set of 25 classic American films on DVD to a man who is generally thought to have no high regard for films. Smart. Not only that, but Mr. Obama returns a gift of a bust of Winston Churchill to the U.K.

My goodness, down right royal snubs to the people who stayed with us through Operation Iraqui Freedom (which EVERYONE knows was a failure. Right?). I am sorry, but any five DVD’s of anything are just pieces of plastic waiting to attract dust. And then to return the Winston Churchill bust? A tribute to one of Great Britains (and the worlds) greatest leaders? I am just getting too upset . . . Anyways . . . here, and here are some articles on the exchange between President Obama and Gordon Brown. And this guy wants to unite the world . . . great start.

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