The Only Right

The only right which each and every human being has is the right to struggle.

To try is the only thing we can claim as ours.

To have or possess? That is only ours if we succeed in our struggle, and it may be taken away without notice or consent or fault.

To deserve? Not ours. Aesops Cricket ‘worked’ playing his violin and claiming the world owed him a living, and yet nothing was owed him. And yet consider the ants. I would count myself among Aesops faithful and hardworking ants much more readily than among his lax and laxadaisical crickets. However, what if, after all that work storing food all summer long, a storm came and wiped out the ants supply? Do they deserve the supply? How can they? Who do they petition for a redress? Before whom would they lay their grievance?

It’s futile and pointless to live in a state of deservation.

The only right there is is to struggle, to try.

Anybody who claims otherwise is lying and manipulating. And if you believe you deserve, you’re the unhappier one for it.

What is our problem?

What makes us so special?

Rather than embarking on a long dialogue, as is my norm, I want to instead throw some things out on the table for you to think about.

First . . . do we really readthe Bible, or do we just preview it through our Americanized mindset? In American culture, my actions are treated as my own, and the consequences are solely mine. However, read the Bible. Truly read it. The story of Achan clearly demonstrates that not only is a person responsible for their crime, but their wife, children, and grandchildren are to suffer for the sin and their possessions are to be destroy. Do I condone this? No, with fulfilment of the law, God brought grace. But guess what? God hasn’t changed, we are still responsible for the sins of those we are connected to (accountability) are our sins still effect those we are around (responsibility), to a much larger extent than our American minds want to accept.

Second . . . what makes us so special (American Christians)? We walk around acting like being an American Christian is a benefit to God. Somehow, we have a general mindset (not when we think about it, but when we just normally act) that God is in debt to us since we are American Christians and he owes us providence and goodwill. I got news . . . I am of no more value to God than a Chinese Christian who is of no more value to God than a Chinese heathen. We act like God owes it to us to keep our country “safe” and prosperous, but God owes us no such thing.

Third . . . are we (American Christians) the ones who decided who is a Christian nation and who gets God’s blessings? Somehow, we feel like we have a direct line to God and can dictate to Him who he should bless (us) and how the world should be run (through our prosperity). However, here is a though . . . maybe God is using, and blessing the Chinese. Here is an even harder thought, maybe God is using the Chinese to reshape the world for the next stage of human development. That is a hard pill to take, but guess what . . . we (as Christians) should rejoice in that because it is the next good  step in God’s good plan.

In closing, maybe we should get over ourselves, read what God really says (not what fits our mindset), and take joy in world event (and prepare for joyous persecution) because God has ordained it for his glory.

Hope Rising

My naturally sunny and normally indomitably positive attitude on life in general has been taking a beating lately, what with the grasping, lying, ugliness found in the Democrat leadership in Washington and the seemingly ceasless assaults on fact and science and truth and reason found there and nearly everywhere else.

But then there come things that make everything bright again.

We are in a period of strengthening, testing, trimming, and growing.

The dirt and filth in Washington is in need of some serious Simple Green, and when it comes time again, we’ll start that very necessary process again.

And this was the encouragement:

Thanks to Chicago Bungalow.


So, I really hate to point out the obvious . . . but how many rings does this circus we call the “White House” have?

Today, our president let us know that the economy isn’t as bad as we thought. . .  after telling us a few weeks ago that it was going to be worse than we thought . . . after telling us that he would fix the economy (remember, in the election? Oh, forgive me, he said he would spread the wealth, not fix the economy.)

And now guess what . . . not only have 4 of Obama’s nominees been charged with tax evasion (has anyone looked into Obama’s taxes?), but one of his aides is now under investigation by the FBI. I guess this just goes under the “transparency” clause. They want us to know that they are just like us . . . they don’t pay their taxes (just like us right?) but still love to spend other people’s money (just like us right?).