Oh, Just to Know You More

I wrote this note for facebook . . . but the lessons it has and the insight it brings are good for a larger audience.


This week has really been a wonderful week. There have been many challenges in my personal life, my emotions have been all over the place, and some events didn’t go how I wanted them too. But this week was really a wonderful week. So much . . . well really so little things went right, but they were the quality things. The things that matter.


One thing especially has stood out to me. I have begun really spending some rich time in the scripture . . . well, no, in God and His Love, and I have had a wonderful time. However, I am feeling a call to an even greater intimacy, understanding, and relationship with Christ.


The inspiration for this desire comes from Proverbs 3:5,6 where Solomon says:

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
       and lean not on your own understanding;

 6 in all your ways acknowledge him,
       and he will make your paths straight.

For a week now, I have been living in this verse and asking myself questions to spur further mediation.


Trust in the Lord with all my heart.” That is a whole lot of heart. Where is my heart . . . in people, things, or God? I was trained while growing up to place my heart in God’s hands, but where is it really? Is Christianity so “easy” that I can do everything by myself and have no need to throw my all in Jesus’ hands? I am afraid it is.


“and lean not on my own understanding.” My understanding is faulty, but I love it. I use it to fulfill my job. I use it to boast of my grades and I use it to impress others . . . but how shallow is that? How shallow is my understanding? Upon leaving the shelter of my family and their ideas, I was shown new and more sophisticated ways of understanding. I was challenged in my perceptions and was sometimes found to be wrong. However, even with my expanded view, God still says in Isaiah 55:9


 9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
       so are my ways higher than your ways
       and my thoughts than your thoughts.


“in all my ways acknowledge him, and he will make my paths straight.” This has really been the inspiration behind me decision. You see, I do not know what is meant by acknowledge. Sure, I understand what it means in the human concept (to recognize), but what does it really mean to “acknowledge him in all my ways.” There is the story of the elderly lady who would always open her car door, step aside for a second, and then step in. When asked why she stepped aside, she said “I am letting Jesus get in first.” Is this acknowledging Him in all my ways? It sure seems like a good place to start.


The Hebrew word used for acknowledge here is translated as “acknowledge” 6 times in the Bible and is translated as “know” 645 times. It also specifically means “to perceive, to acquire knowledge, to know, to be acquainted.” So then, this simple passage could actually be “know God in all your ways” or “get to know God’s desire in all you ways.” This reminds me of the elderly couples you can watch who will finish each other’s sentences. The couple know each other so well that they know what the other person wants, desires, and requires. This seems to be what the verse is hinting at. “Know God in such a way that you know what His next step would be and you know how it will bring Him glory.”


I have been trying to do this the last couple days and it has been such a blessing. Time in the morning has been spent in silence just so I can clear my head and listen. Time in the day has been spend mediating (not memorizing) on what God has given to me and finding new ways to apply it. I have begun driving the speed limit because I want to “acknowledge God’s presence with me in my car” and the drive to school that used to be a race to beat the traffic has become a time to look out the window and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and see him through it. My plans, while still important (they are God inspired) have become secondary as I have fought to “trust in the Lord with all my heart.”


Now, I need to make one thing clear. I am still struggling in so many areas of my life. I am still stressed with details at times. I still drop the ball many times. I have not become a saint. I am simply trying to “acknowledge” and enjoy God in everything I do (and boy is that hard).


I now want to spend a short amount of time with the Lord without the worries of people, stresses of life, or swing of emotions over temporal things. I want those worries, stresses, and emotions to be about my walk with the Lord. In light of this, I will be taking a week off facebook with the specific intent to spend that time with God. I love the people here and have a great time. But I also spend a large amount of time here. It is my desire to instead spend that time with the Spirit of the Lord, in His Words, speaking to His Son.


I would invite anyone who is so called to join me in this. I am sure there will be some stress/withdrawal the first couple days, but if you need me you can get me contact info off my profile.


So, without further ado, I wish God’s blessings on you all and I will see everyone back on here next Friday evening.



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