Loss of a Title

As I look forward to holding my baby in my arms, I have done quite a bit of thinking on how motherhood is changing my life.

It has been interesting answering the question, “Well, what are you doing with your life?” As a student at a highly recognized college, I was used to receiving many affirming looks and comments. My status as a student was, in a very real way, my identity.

Recently, I was introduced as a “former college student”, and when asked if I had already graduated, I had to say no. I was under no obligation to explain myself to a stranger, but I definitely felt cooler air as her disapproval showed.

Our society ranks things differently than I do. A college degree is important in its own right, but raising my child is much more important to me.

There are definitely times I miss my life as a college student; I had great professors, classmates and I loved my degree program. However, I’ll gladly give up the title “student” and replace it with “mother”.

For Better Or For Worse
For Better Or For Worse

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