Define Partisan

In my wandering to and fro about the earth, I have stumbled upon some amusing articles today and feel compelled to show them to all those that prefer to get their news from a no spin zone, not a political quagmire.


First . . . YaY Obama!!!President Obama today criticized the bonuses of financial institutions. I do agree that, unless you earn it, you shouldn’t get it. In fact, most bonuses remind me of the association meeting I attended recently where the voters approved the officers Christmas bonuses in February . . . 11 months before the officers would receive them. I would have allocated all the money elsewhere and then given bonuses if the officers saved us money . . . just a though.


Pelosi needs to attend Politicians Anonymous. Apparently, she can’t remember that she is partisan. In fact, one of the most partisan political leaders today.


Finally, you can no longer be assaulted in New York.It is totally impossible because Bloomberg is trying to get rid of it in New York City. Or as a citizen said . . .

“I don’t think they should do that,” a woman in Manhattan named “Nora” told CBS 2 HD. “Because I like salt in my food.”

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