Soon, I hope to write an article about who I believe is the most dangerous person in the United States is . . . and it isn’t Obama. But, in the meantime, I want to leave everyone with a good article.

There are no personal attacks in this article and there are not screams at false promises. There are no presumptions. This article just makes a sincere point about civility in American politicians and our recent President’s failure to restore that success. The restoration of that civility would be a huge success for the President Obama.

Here is the article.

I do want to say though that I do not believe this success to be possible as long as people with the antagonistic mindset of the Democrat Leadership exist. This argument is not about the policies they stand for, but about the way they present and enforce their policies. Remember back to 2000. The Republicans were in charge of the world and what happened? They gave a number of their committee chairs to democratic counterparts. The move was not about beliefs, but about reaching across the isle to reach something together. This move was made with the understanding that the elected individuals, regardless of being republican or democrat, were elected by some group of people to represent that group of people. This new form of government (locking elected lawmakers out of policy meetings) does not stem from this belief. The current democratic leadership does not recognise that their republican colleagues due represent the electorate and that they are commissioned to form policy. No, all the democratic leadership recognizes is what they believe (regardless of what their specific electorate believes) is best for the country.

Let me present a quick example before I run. Many years ago, residents in conservative¬†Woodland Ca were trying to organize a Gay Pride Parade. The city counsel held a hearing to discuss the parade and listen to the communities thoughts on the parade. Near by liberal Davis sent many of their citizens to pack the city hall and speak at the forum. The counsel wisely forbade them from speaking (though some of them still did) and heard only testimony from Woodland residents. The Woodland response was overwhelming. Over 90% of people speaking were against the Gay Pride initiative and those speakers presented surveys which showed that over 80% of Woodlanders opposed the parade. When the city counsel voted on the parade, most of them supported the public’s desires and voted against the parade. However, one member voted for the parade saying, we need to accept everyone (true) and celebrate our uniqueness (true) and become catch up with the rest of the world (you mean descend to). Despite the publics overwhelming opposition, the representative of the people voted against them. This, my friends, the mentality of the Democratic party leadership.

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