Ludicrous Looney-bin Leftist…

Wow, this just made me mad.

It’s all the Jew’s fault according to Michael Backman.

Nothing about the significant majority of Israels neighbors wanting their extermination.

Nothing about them being the most stable and friendly significant power in the region.

Nothing about the fact that we’d be next if they were allowed to be decimated by their vociferous enemies.

It’s just their fault.

UPDATE: Thanks to our ludicrous looney-bin leftist friend Max, we learned The Age pulled the article and as did Backman himself on his own site. It remains posted two places. The foul XenoxNews and the Malaysian Insider.

I will not post the link to XenoxNews because that site does not deserve recognition.

6 thoughts on “Ludicrous Looney-bin Leftist…”

  1. Wow, is that guy clueless. It is hard to believe someone could write something so ridiculous.

    This was just one of many idiotic statements: “But Israel’s utter inability to transform the Palestinians from enemies into friends has imposed big costs on us all.”

  2. What a shmock! Sounds like Backman read the shortest world history book before he decided he knew all he needed to know and decided he was a writer.

  3. Shh! Mustn't mention Israel's Gaza overkill, its medieval notion of Jewish exclusivity and 60 years of expansionism at the expense of indiginous Palestinians. And never, ever Zionist extremism. Shh!

  4. I think I know wheer George W Bush got his idea to use 9/11 as an excuse to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Iraqis… He looked to Irael and its historic use and abuse of the Holocaust to justify its crimes against humanity in Gaza and the West Bank.

  5. Max, those indigenous Palestinians haven't shown any desire higher than the eradication of the Jews in spite of the Jews abiding by just about every peace accord in those last 60 years. Read a new set of history books and don't be an idiot.

    Pazzo, show me where he killed hundreds of thousands of Iragi civilians? If you're getting your facts from that site XenoxNews (which, by the way, you misspelled in your URL), you're not doing yourself or the truth any favors.
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