Health for Pregnancy and Young Children

This is post is in response to Matt’s previous post inquiring about child rearing, etc. I was just going to make a comment but it was getting a little long in the tooth so I figured I would make a new post. This is hardly comprehensive but it is a good start about prenatal health which will give the child the best start possible – because the child’s life starts in the womb.

For Pregnancy: Ensure Grace is getting plenty of good food and vitamins (not all are created equally) and drinking filtered water (our water here in CA has way to much Chlorine). 1st Trimester: Vitamin C, Vitamin B (Complex w/ Niacin) are particularly important for the nervous system development. 2nd Trimester: Includes Calcium/ Magnesium and Iron supplement for the skeleton and vascular system development. 3rd Trimester: An increase in diet of meats (which has creatine and many essential amino acids) and eggs for increase of baby body mass. Furthermore, Grace should do light exercise like walking and swimming and drink plenty of water which helps transport the nutrients.

Also I would recommend products (mostly milk and eggs) without hormones or the organic milk which is not only much tastier but it has more nutrients. Also buy products withOUT high-fructose corn syrup, trans-fats and low sodium (we get plenty as it is). Lastly make sure she gets all the sleep needed. Whatever you’re body is going through the baby is going through also; so obviously coffee and alcohol are out of the question.

After child-birth I think the following is a good strategy for the continued development of the baby which are very important for the first five years (opinions differ about years of important development but this seems to be the common agreement for children).

-Breast feed for a year.
-Greatly limit the refined sugars.
-Get formula that is fortified with vitamins and such.
-Salmon oils and vitamin B are very important for brain development and can be put into formula. There is a reason why they look like Bobble-Heads.
-Keep them on a regular sleeping schedule.
-Always be suspicious if your doctor wants to give your child any drug.

Of course doctor appointments are very important and ask them about nutrition – but don’t expect much help. In my experience they are all drug peddlers; hopefully you can have more help from your doctor.

I know there are some good books out there, Savage actually has one specifically about children’s nutritional health and I would recommend getting it; and some good sites. I know you’ll be looking heavily into it. In my opinion this is a good start.

From my personal opinion about parenting:

-They WILL be their own person and it is your responsibility (as God does for us) to help direct their path. So address them in their own way with them realizing they are still a part of the family.
-Your children WILL reveal your imperfections and use them against you; so be always mindful of your short comings. Humility is word.
-Be dependable in your blessings to them and your corrections of them.
-Your marriage is the foundation, so don’t forsake it because you’re children need it as much as you two. Do little things for each other, go on dates, etc.
-You get respect and love when you are respectable and lovable; so make sure you look at yourself and your marriage and do your best to make them so.

So I guess most of my recommendations for parenting entail the marriage because I see them as the core problem for many parents.

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