Review: Orthodox Study Bible

As a member of the Thomas Nelson Publishers’ Book Review Bloggers, I spent a few weeks exploring the Orthodox Study Bible and here is my review:

The Orthodox Study Bible is an excellent resource for studying the Bible.

As a Christian of the evangelical protestant theology, I do not agree with several of the positions expounded upon by the study and commentary resources available in this Bible, but I found the explanations clear, concise, and well constructed.

The quality of publication is good. The only complaint is that the pages are very thin, making “read through” a bit of an issue. The text from one page is readable through the next. However, this is relatively common for Bibles and not a serious issue.

The layout, organization, and font choice are easy on the eyes and allow quick access to the many informative and explanatory study resources included alongside the text.

As with my other experiences with Orthodox churches and philosophy, the Orthodox Study Bible excels at clear and accessible explanations of what are commonly complex and difficult issues of theology. Bringing many ancient opinions and explanations alongside the clearly translated text, the illumination of the salient points in any given passage is deep and expansive.

I recommend the Orthodox Study Bible for anyone interested in learning more about the Orthodox perspective of the Christian faith or seeking to understand the perspectives of ancient Christians on their faith.

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