Why I’m An Independent

I will grant – to the point – I voted for McCain/ Palin, but honestly what choices did I have this election as a conservative? Truly I was rooting for Palin who is a real conservative; in contrast to McCain who has a moderate/ Rhino history – working with Kennedy doesn’t get him marks in my book. But the socialist Obasmic Democratic “elect” is out of the question. I’ll grant it is great to have an African American as our President; but that is as far as I will go. Now the Republican party is cannibalizing itself.

If you were listening to Rush Limbaugh today you’d heard how the Republican party threw Palin under the bus – for why they lost the election by a landslide. Of course it had nothing(!) to do with McCain’s lack of allegiance to the conservative movement, nor his inability to tag Obama as a CLEAR socialist (merely hinting via Joe the Plumber), and him not having a clear distinction from Bush. “My fellow Americans,” and “My friends” will only give you so much encouragement in this economy. If you ask me McCain should have followed after Palin – she should’ve been the lead of the ticket. Granted even then she would’ve not won because the Bush party set the Republican party up for failure, but she would’ve done better than 155 electoral votes – last I remember. Point being the Republican party is tossing this beautiful woman under the bus. This is why I’m an Independent and have little hope in BOTH parties which are, for a lack of better words, screwing us.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, it is worse than I thought. It is worse than I thought inside the Republican Party. What the Republican Party, led by disgruntled and failed McCain staffers are trying to do to Sarah Palin, is unconscionable and is unacceptable.


If you ask me the Republican party is treating her like a cheap date – humped and dumped!

Read the rest of the story and ask yourself if you want to reform the party, which has become more and more like the Democratic party, or be more like another party – a separatist. Michael Savage has been saying this for the longest time – both sides are against the American values – and FINALLY maybe you’ll see this truth; while both Rush and Hannity have been carrying the Republican water bucket and drinking the red cool-aid. I’m not insulting Rush or Hannity (I listen to them regularly) but we – the next generation of voters – need to consider our future. Changes are needed, NEEDED!

So I’m an independent. Once you come to this realization, in honor of American history (ie Pilgrims and Puritans), we may then be able to talk about what to do.

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