StoryOfStuff – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

EXTRACTION: “Trashing the planet”
1st limit: running out of resources = using too much stuff.

Last 3 decades used up 1/3 of planets’ resources. Gone. Where are the figures? This is a bold statement, and there are no references to the actual figures, their source, and their justification. It is also a startlingly bold statement considering the dearth of information about the planet. Do we understand our own planet enough to know the total amount of resources it contains?
Less than 4% of original forests in US.This is either false or misleading, the United States has more forested acres now than it did when Europeans first landed. It may be true there are fewer ORIGINAL forests, but there are more forests and they are larger now. Also, natural systems such as fires frequently destroyed entire forests as a natural cycle, clearing the way for new growth. But now we fight these fires and protect the forests, meaning they last longer and continue to grow.
40% of waterways become undrinkable.Advanced filtration systems allow reclamation of the water to allow for better use of the water we have and the use of water previously unusable.
Using “more than our share” of resources.USA most efficient user of resources. For each unit of resource we use, we produce more than other industrialized nations.
US has 5% of world population, using 30% of world resources. Once again: how do we know the total of the resources contained in the entire earth? Further, with that 30%, due to the fact that we are most efficient, we create more usable product than any other nation could create if they had that 30%.
Creating 30% of global waste.USA is most efficient of industrialized nations. For that 30% of waste, we create significantly more usable product than another nation could held to that same level of waste.
US response: take someone else’s resources = exploit third-world.See above.
“Our stuff that somehow got on somebody else’s land” = trashing. This is a judgment of motive. The Bible says we cannot know the heart of man, only God can. How can we divine the motive of an entire nation?

75% of global fisheries farmed at or above capacity.Business acts in it’s own best interest. How can a business act in such a way that it destroys it’s own ability to continue to act in that way?

80% of global forests goneWhere is the data? How much of this is the aridization of Saharan Africa?
If you don’t own or buy stuff = no value.

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