In honor of today, and people’s thoughts, I am staring a running blog for the next couple days that will highlight people’s election oriented Facebook and Myspace statuses. All the other authors are invited to contribute to this blog.

Emily E. – is thank God it’s the last day.

Andrew B. – let the entertainment begin. I won’t look at the news till tomorrow.

Teresa P. – is proud to be an AMERICAN!!!

Tim S. – says “Go mccain”!

Sonja L. – is torn between candidates…. I lilke both in different ways.

Angela G. – is working at the polls all day tomorrow. Please go vote!

Marie H. – is not looking forward to standing in line for hours to vote tomorrow!

Maggie B. – is praying that God’s will be done tomorrow, whatever that may be.

Hillary B. – is really ready for this election to be over.

Courtney W. – is the 1st person to donate her status to not caring about getting out the vote on whichever candidate. Just vote for who you want, and pray. God knows best.

Chad P. – voted McCain/Palin. You can too! ;).

Melissa D. – is turning off the stinkin’ tv! If I see ONE MORE political ad, I may scream……

Chris O. – “This is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.”

Lauren P. – is giving everything to God! :).

Hayley B. – is “going to love socialized america” not.

Joseph B. – is gonna treat the election the same way David treated King Saul. With respect and honour, and the knowledge that God works all things out for good.

Bernice A. –  praying for this nation and will hold steadfast to God’s word.

Audrey S. – is hoping that Obama fulfills his promises since he’s now our president. (Lets hope this doesn’t happen!)

Justin W. – is my president is black, my lambo’s blue, and i’ll be danged if i ain’t too.

Christina H. – doesn’t know what to think….

Bryson H. – is consoled in the fact osama won’t be able to mess us up too badly in four years. And by then ppl l be smart enough t keep him out.

Sam H. – here’s the real story–Pelosi defeats Sheehan! 😛

Margaret H. – ohhh boy…

Tim S. – really needs to move to a redstate.

Melissa D. – watched a movie instead of the election. Politics OVERLOAD.

Chase K. – is thouroughly disappointed in the way many “Christ followers” have behaved during this election. But feels the better candidate won tonight. Bravo Obama, Bravo. (Not sure I agree with you Chase)

Tyler R. – is putting things aside for… ever.

Reece A. – “It is the end of the world as we know it.”, Obama is going to destroy america, but he can’t take away my guns or my faith!

Steve S. – is tired… of everything, g’night.

Mark S. – 1 Samuel 12:13-15. (Good one Mark)

Heather W. – is thankful for a God who is still the same and is praying for our new president!

Matthew B. – is glad that there will be big issues and lots to do. Anyone up for a fight? You’d better be…

Sammi W. – is trusting God. He has a plan, He knows best! I think some people have forgotten…”One nation under God!”

Bethany B. – is not a happy Camper not that Obama has won…how can we be so stupid to elect someone who doesnt surpport our Soilders,and hates our Military…Dumb Ass.

Scott R. – is still in shock from the election results…I still feel that either way we, the people, lost. But the reality is still evading me.

Jessica P. – is not gonna let the news of the new prez rob me of my joy in Jesus! God please havve mercy on us.

B. J. J. – Obama made history by being the 1st African-American president in the United States and I am going to get a newspaper to remember that historic day.

Emily T. – does not want people to blame her when this country goes down the drain – i did not vote for him.

Sarah H. – is very disapointed in the election results!

Grace B. – still loves America.

Amanda T. – is ?

Ryan C. – Will respect and pray for Obama as the President of the United States as all christians should.

Hayley B. – is “going to love socialized america” not.

Tim V. – salutes his president, MR. Barack Obama.

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